Gender Quotas for African Parliaments–Do They Work?

Tilder Kumichii Ndichia used to believe in the political system in Cameroon–and even more so in her ability to change it. Yet after serving her first term as an “alternate” parliamentarian in Cameroon, she realized she was close but never close enough to the power she needed to effect change. Cameroon is a country that supports women’s representation in […]

Bangladeshi Garment Workers Riot

We may have applauded the Bangladeshi garment workers’ pay raise too soon. While an 80 percent increase may sound generous, the new wage of $45 a month is far below the minimum monthly living wage of $73, which has workers striking and protesting violently. “We have tried our best to meet the demands of the […]

Ms. Gets Down and (Roller) Derby With LA Dolls

Down and Derby: The Insider’s Guide to Roller Derby got here just in time. The latest revival of the sport has sparked national interest, and it’s even spreading to the Midwest. Need proof? The Sandusky Roller Girls are gearing up for their first bout. Where’s Sandusky? Exactly. The Ohio town sits on the coast of […]

Quiz: Know Your Feminists Born This Week

The weekend ushered in a new zodiac sign, and it’s time for Leos to shine.  Whether you believe in astrology or not, there’s a long list of influential women with July birthdays. Coincidence? Perhaps. But their accomplishments are awesome nonetheless. Many are quotable, all are notable, and none are cowardly lions. Now see if you […]

Mugabe Allegedly Kept Power with Rape in Zimbabwe

The threats by Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe–“I will never, never, never, never surrender. Zimbabwe is mine”–were alarming enough even before his intentions became clear. Looking back, those words foreshadowed the desperate acts of a merciless tyrant. Two years later, many are seeking justice for the rape campaign Mugabe allegedly used to ensure his re-election in 2008. Victims and their advocates are now hoping the […]

Test Your Knowledge With Our Women’s Rights Quiz!

July 19-20 marks the anniversary of the first women’s rights convention, held in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Women and men gathered there to address women’s condition and kick-start feminism’s “first wave.” Using the Declaration of Independence as a guide, they mimicked Thomas Jefferson’s language to argue for women’s legal equality. Sadly, those who arranged the Seneca Falls Convention […]