Are Lesbians Better Sportscasters?

BBC TV sportscaster Clare Balding was probably just trying to come up with a quick answer to a tough question. In a web chat on the UK blog Mumsnet last Monday, Balding answered questions about her career in sportscasting and how being gay and a woman have influenced her path. She told the web audience she […]

Pitch Perfect Trailer Hits Wrong Note with Rape Joke

From the trailer‘s wanna-be-gruff opening music and star Anna Kendrick’s heavy-handed black eyeliner, we know  that the upcoming film Pitch Perfect (scheduled for release October 5) is going to be edgy. Well, as edgy as a comedy musical centered around an a capella rivalry can be. In the opening sequence, an upbeat orientation leader hands […]

Right-Wingers Attack Medicaid-Paid Abortions in Iowa

Conservative legislators in Iowa are willing to give up millions of dollars in Medicaid funding in order to block state-funded abortions in the case of rape, incest or if the fetus is physically or mentally deformed. A coalition made up of 41 Iowa Republican representatives filed a petition on June 12 to immediately stop such […]