Let’s Talk About “Choice” in the Sciences

“Choices, not discrimination, deter women scientists.” So read the headline that summed up a few weeks of articles, blog posts and opinion pieces about  Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy M. Williams’ article “Understanding current causes of women’s underrepresentation in science” in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. And that’s the conclusion I would come […]

Latinas: We’re So Hot We Broke Google

When Google released “Google Instant”–a “search enhancement” that suggests content before you finish typing your Google search words– I thought it was pretty fun to see which suggestions would pop up as I began typing random words. While I was just goofing around, others were seriously testing out “controversial” words like bisexual, lesbian and Latina. […]

A Month into Summer of Feminista

In June I launched Summer of Feminista, a blogging experiment where I am asking Latinas to write about their relationship with feminism, and after a month of posts I am in awe of how similar our stories are, yet how unique as well. Elizabeth, at 8, was teaching feminism to other third-graders. A grammar school […]

What Do Latinas Really Think About Feminism?

There are a lot of theories about how Latinas view feminism. We’re pro-life, unless we’re too American. Our men are full of machismo and make our decisions. We reject feminism based on the movement being too white and too middle class. But Latinas are a diverse group of women. We can trace our familias back […]

Chicago Scribes Find Sisterhood at She Writes

She Writes is a social network for writers of all kinds–bloggers, television news journalists, business writers, novelists and editorialists. To celebrate its one-year anniversary, a small but eclectic group of Chicago She Writers gathered at the home of Bethany McLean, author of The Smartest Guys in the Room. In true Midwest fashion, we dispensed with […]

Pledge to Attend Women’s Sports in 2010!

A few weeks ago I launched my latest project on Facebook. It’s called “I pledge to attend one women’s sporting event in 2010.” Yup, it’s that simple. I’m an avid sports fan and a delusional Chicago Cubs fan. I played softball in high school, volleyball and track in middle school, and one year of Little […]

Save First Int’l Feminist Org for Moms!

The Association for Research on Mothering is an organization which I’ve admired from afar: The Association for Research on Mothering (ARM), founded in 1998, is the first international feminist organization devoted specifically to the topic of mothering-motherhood. Our mandate is to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of research on motherhood and to […]