Q&A: Amy Brenneman on Defining—and Devoting Herself to—Feminism

“Calling myself a feminist says to the world that my life’s work is to speak for all those whose voices are drowned out.”

Q&A: Alysia Reiner on Using The “F” Word

“I don’t know if I actually truly knew what the ‘F’ word meant till I went to the Women’s March… Then and there I knew in every cell of my body.”

Q&A: Filmmaker Roberta Staley on Women in Media and Gender Equality in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not an easy place to be a woman—but Roberta Staley sees hope via the increasing participation of women in Afghan media.

Living Proof

A look at how film director, documentary programmer, podcaster and professor Aisha Jamal is breaking barriers in Canadian cinema.

Q&A: Filmmaker Joey Ally on Telling the Stories of Nail Salon Workers

Joey Alley’s short film Joy Joy Nails chronicles a day in the life of two nail salon workers.

Q&A: Cinefemme’s Michelle Kantor on Disrupting Male-Dominated Spaces

Kantor sat down with Ms. to discuss the importance of supporting female filmmakers, networking, and representation in Hollywood.

The Film Festival that Fights Back

Now over a decade running, the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival has a revived meaning in the new political climate.

ERA Now, More Than Ever: The Ms. Q&A with Equal Means Equal Filmmaker Kamala Lopez

“The Equal Rights Amendment is the necessary first step without which all other steps towards the progress of women’s rights will ultimately fail. It is the a priori action—the foundation that, when poured, allows us to build upon it to achieve great heights.”

White Women Can’t Get Away in Get Out

There is no way “out.” We can’t get away from ourselves.

Rewarding Harassment and Abuse in Hollywood

This year’s Academy Awards continued a disturbing cultural narrative—one in which men accused of sexual assault or harassment are being rewarded.

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