What We Can Learn From Women’s Historic Election Wins

We should seize the opportunity to learn from trailblazing new leaders and think big about what women who are now considering running for office might gain from their examples.

The Keeper of Women’s Stories

By making Sylvia Plath’s work available for mass consumption, Karen Kukil has given voice to her intelligence, humor and passion.

This Is How We Stop the #MeToo Backlash

While we are seeing some accused men resigning or being fired as of late, in other arenas we are seeing them double-down. We must fight the backlash.

Women Will Keep Speaking Out—And The World Must Keep Listening

Women have spoken when no one is listening and women have spoken when the whole world is listening. 

Reading Film Reviews While Female

I was young when I became a devotee of male reviewers. Their words are stored in my memory like shards of glass in skin.

We’ve Been Here Before: Revisiting Anita Hill’s Testimony in the Midst of #MeToo

Now, with damning allegations against men in both parties who serve in some of the nation’s highest offices, America faces a crossroads. Will we repeat the mistakes of 1991? Or will we finally hold powerful men accountable?

Harvesting Hope for Women Farmworkers

Over 60 percent of female farmworkers in a 2010 study said they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. A 2012 report of 52 female farmworkers found that almost all of them had experienced sexual violence. One group is fighting back—and they need support.

The Ms. Q&A: Sayantani DasGupta Wants to Empower Girls to Slay Their Demons

We spoke with DasGupta about growing up in a feminist household, politically conscious parenting as an essential form of activism and inviting girls to be what they can see.

War on Women Report No. 10

The Trump administration is continuing to attack reproductive rights, net neutrality and even individual female journalists—and they’re standing firm with Roy Moore in the wake of rape accusations by multiple women.

Why Does the U.S. Rank 22nd Globally on Women’s Wellbeing?

Violence against women and gaps in political representation are among the key factors in where the U.S. stands compared to the rest of the world on gender issues. But improvement is possible.

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