Feminist Embroiderer Isabel Bürger is Stitching Away Period Stigma

Isabel Bürger has taken to Instagram to fight against the stigmatization of menstruation—by stitching delicate and powerful embroideries that depict periods on bodies of shapes and sizes. She talked to Ms. about her work, her inspiration and confronting menstrual blood.

Q&A: Playwright Kati Schwartz on Finding Political Humor in Personal Pain

“I think women, and all artists, should put their efforts into whatever medium they’re the most drawn to. There’s a huge need for the authentic voices of women and gender non-binary people, and there’s no real telling where opportunity lies.”

The Ms. Q&A: The Simpsons Writer Carolyn Omine on Being the Only Woman in the Room

Four-time Emmy Award-winning producer and writer Carolyn Omine—the only woman on The Simpsons writing staff—took some time to chat with us about outshining sexism, channeling her inner Lisa and finding the humanity in her characters.

Q&A: Reproductive Justice Champion Loretta Ross on Resistance and Redefining Our Fight

Ross talked to Ms. about the power of a reproductive justice framework, what she’s working toward and thinking bigger than resistance.

The Ms. Q&A: Daisy Hernandez on Writing as Fighting Back

“Both on the national stage and my day to day life, people can ignore me for whatever reasons—’cause I’m Latina, ’cause they have ideas bout me—but when I’m on the page, no one ignores the page.”

Q&A: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jody Williams on What It Takes to Change the World

“I’m often introduced as an example of one person who changed the world. And it irritates me because I did not change the world… Anyone who tells you that they changed the world alone is a megalomaniac on the scale of The Donald.”

Q&A: Dr. Willie Parker on Building Bridges and Changing the Debate Around Abortion

” I can build a bridge, but I can’t make anybody cross it. I’m more interested in constructing the bridge.”

Q&A: Holocaust Survivors on Charlottesville, Silence as Complicity and Preventing History from Repeating Itself

We spoke with two Holocaust survivors—95-year-old Margit Meissner and 75-year-old Louise Lawrence-Israëls—about the lessons we must learn from the past and how we can all fight hate in our own communities.

Q&A: Laurie Penny on Trump, Staying Radical and Writing Bitch Doctrine

“There is an enormous anti-feminist backlash underway, and the fight feels more urgent than it did even a year ago.”

Q&A: Laura Bates on Writing Girl Up and Building a Feminist Future

“I wanted to throw young women a lifeline… I needed more time to say ‘no, it isn’t normal, it really is bullshit and you shouldn’t have to put up with it and you’re not alone.'”

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