The U.S. Has a Lot of Work to Do in the Wake of the Orlando Shooting

As an unabashed Muslim-American manic-depressive, I ask my fellow Americans to reconsider how quickly they rush to blame the presumed other for fostering the ideology that inspired this attack.

Flying in the Face of Catholic Law, These Women Are Claiming the Priesthood

In the rest of the city, people are trudging through the rain and struggling to keep their umbrellas from flipping inside out. But inside Chicago’s Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, it’s warm and bright. A small choir and a guitarist are warming up, the sound of their hymn barely filling the open space of the nave. […]

What Happens When a Mormon Girl Falls for Punk Rock

Punk shows, bass guitars, tattoos and cigarettes: Quincy Larsen is a long way from her Mormon childhood in Utah. Larsen is what pollsters call a “none,” someone without religious affiliation. Nones are not all atheists. In fact, 37 percent describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” Larsen and other nones under 30 reflect a massive shift […]

Remembering Fatima Mernissi, Acclaimed Moroccan Feminist

Renowned Moroccan sociologist, author and Arab Muslim feminist Fatima Mernissi died on November 30 in Rabat, Morocco. She was 75. Born in 1940 in a harem in Fez to an affluent family, Mernissi attended Quranic and nationalist schools, followed by graduate studies in sociology at Mohammed V University in Rabat, and the Sorbonne. In 1973, […]

4 Ways Islam Honors Women, According to Carla Power

There has been much debate about whether Islam needs to be reformed, or if Islam needs a sexual revolution. Middle East correspondent and non-believer Carla Power teamed up with moderate Muslim leader Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi to go back to the very beginning, to the Quran. For 365 days, they read the words directly on the page. After September 11, […]

Beyond the Headscarf: Let’s Discuss Social Justice Issues Muslim Women Actually Care About

Reprinted with permission from Bitch Three months ago, I found myself in the middle of an FBI interrogation. Josh*, a white gay male Republican Christian friend of mine who loves Ann Coulter, had never met a single Muslim person until he met me. So, in the summer of 2013, after over a year of communicating […]

The Not-So-Progressive Pope

As Pope Francis prepares for his first-ever visit to the United States, many are looking back on his first years as pontiff and evaluating what have been, by some measure, a series of “radical,” “progressive” or otherwise surprising gestures. From pronouncements about abortion and divorce to a denouncement of the gender pay gap, the pope […]

5 Bible Verses That Are Way More Graphic Than Fun Home

Several Duke University students announced this week that they would be skipping one title on the school’s recommended summer reading list: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, the acclaimed illustrated memoir by Alison Bechdel that became a Broadway musical and swept the Tony Awards this summer. The students cited religious concerns, saying that the Bible prohibits the viewing of […]

Inside the Duggars’ Dark World

It’s the pictures that keep bothering me. I have tried to avoid the Duggars and their ever-growing family, but I have not been able to avoid the promotional pictures of the Duggars which show up in my world frequently. I suppose this is to be expected given that I am writing a dissertation on the […]

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reflects on the Women of Passover

Reprinted with permission from the American Jewish World Service. Read the original post here. On Passover, which begins tomorrow night, Jews are commanded to tell the story of the Exodus and to see ourselves as having lived through that story, so that we may better learn how to live our lives today. The stories we […]

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