Tinder Loving Care

Tinder and other apps are revolutionizing hook-up culture. For women, they’re also a dangerous game of risk and reward.

Net Neutrality is a Feminist Issue

Women and people of color are most likely to pay the highest price for the suspension of net neutrality.

Q&A: Amy Brenneman on Defining—and Devoting Herself to—Feminism

“Calling myself a feminist says to the world that my life’s work is to speak for all those whose voices are drowned out.”

Q&A: Alysia Reiner on Using The “F” Word

“I don’t know if I actually truly knew what the ‘F’ word meant till I went to the Women’s March… Then and there I knew in every cell of my body.”

8 Hidden Biblical Themes in “The Handmaid’s Tale”

At the heart of Margaret Atwood’s book lies a biblical story that provided blueprints for a patriarchal dystopia.

What’s Not Being Said About The Handmaid’s Tale

What critics are saying about Hulu’s new series The Handmaid’s Tale is true: It’s eerily reminiscent of our present-day reproductive dystopia; the acting, costumes and mise-en-scène are stunning and the story is terrifying—both because of its totalitarianism and everyday sexism. What critics are not saying is also true: the story’s torture is real as is its racism.

NEWSFLASH: Fox News Facing Expanded Racial Discrimination Suit

Next week, seven Black Fox News employees will join a racial discrimination suit filed last month by two other employees.

Tearing Down the Fridge: Challenging the Misogyny of Male Heroism in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones addresses a masculinist narrative of recovery that has a long and continuing history.

Bill O’Reilly’s Success Came at Too High a Cost to Women

Bill O’Reilly’s claims that the sexual harassment allegations against him are without merit hold about as much weight as 21st Century Fox’s insistence that they have “addressed the issue.”

Trump’s “Alternative Facts” Hurt Women Everywhere

The need for independent, investigative news is especially clear when it comes to the issues that matter most to women.

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