Today in Feminist History: The New York Times Says “Ms.”

Thirty-one years ago today, “Ms.” was finally adopted at The New York Times.

Q&A: Brittany Collins of Voices and Visions on the Impact of Women’s Stories

Brittany Collins is determined to offer a space to allow women to nurture artistry and creativity.

Trump’s “Alternative Facts” Hurt Women Everywhere

The need for independent, investigative news is especially clear when it comes to the issues that matter most to women.

The Media’s Woman Problem In A Trump Age

It’s heartening that liberal publications around the country are now an emboldened vanguard against Donald Trump’s misogyny. But the sexism and inequality that allow misogyny to thrive run deep in these same news outlets.

Celebrating the Bravery of Female Journalists

The International Women’s Media Foundation is honoring Mabel Cáceres, Stella Paul, Janine di Giovanni and Diane Rehm this year.

Wonder Woman’s Costume Has Changed SO MUCH Since 1941

Reprinted with permission from With Gal Gadot taking to the silver screen in 2016 as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s safe to say the Amazing Amazonian is going to have a big year. With her own standalone feature slated for 2017, we might even be entering a new golden […]

Viola Davis Made History on the Cover of Vanity Fair’s 2016 Hollywood Issue

Reprinted with permission from Women and Hollywood The cover of Vanity Fair‘s 2016 Hollywood Issue has been unveiled, and all of the stars being celebrated are women. This is, of course, no accident: The cover is making a statement. Admittedly, this isn’t the first time the Hollywood Issue has featured women exclusively, but this year […]

The Woeful State of Women in Journalism

Journalists hold a key power and a vital responsibility in our society: They control the information the public receives about the world. Journalists uncover corruption and injustice; they influence government action and public opinion. But women, for the most part, are kept on the sidelines in this field—and are largely barred from the influence that […]

As Subtle as the Pose

Reprinted with permission from Jennifer Moss About 10 years ago when the Internet bubble popped, I took up a new career to pay the rent. I had a good camera, back before everyone had one on their phones. So I hung out my shingle and started doing headshots and model portfolios and was fairly decent […]

The Dangerous Ramifications of Newsweek’s Rape Accusations Story

For a few years, I was the public educator for a regional sexual assault center situated in an emblematically stale strip mall on the cusp of the almost-Toronto suburbs. The center supports victims of sexual and domestic violence, assisting clients through counseling and various practical services, from police reporting and hospital visits to finding new […]

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