Dino Dana Puts Gender and Racial Diversity at the Forefront

In an industry rife with issues of equally portraying all genders and races, Amazon’s new children’s show “Dino Dana” is a beacon.

Pushing Back on the Media’s Sexualization of Girls

Two actors from the hit series Game of Thrones are speaking out about Hollywood’s sexualization of young women—and their hopes that the film and television industries will diversify and offer more authentic representation for women.

The “Hawaii Five-O” Pay Dispute is a Reminder That It’s Time for Equity in Hollywood

Actors Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have decided to leave “Hawaii Five-O” after starring on the hit show for seven seasons due to pay inequality—spotlighting the persistent disparities women and people of color face in media.

Sexual Harassment Investigation Leads to Another Ousting at Fox

Jamie Horowitz, head of Fox Sports programming, was fired earlier this week after a sexual harassment investigation.

10 Feminist TV Shows to Tune Into This Summer

These 10 feminist shows—some which are long-awaited season premieres and some that are new to the screen altogether—will keep you entertained through every long summer weekend.

The TV Critics Association Awards Nominees Are All Women and People of Color

There is a far way to go in the realm of media representation and diversity, but TCA’s nominees list shows us that the future of television is female, multiracial and even queer. Meet five nominees inside!

12 Women Who Could Anchor the CBS Evening News

As CBS decides who will fill the seat of former Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, the Women’s Media Center is urging them to choose a woman.

Becoming Wonder Woman

I hatched a plan: I would wear her magic belt. I would save people from the bad guys. I would never feel scared again.

Q&A: Amy Brenneman on Defining—and Devoting Herself to—Feminism

“Calling myself a feminist says to the world that my life’s work is to speak for all those whose voices are drowned out.”

Q&A: Alysia Reiner on Using The “F” Word

“I don’t know if I actually truly knew what the ‘F’ word meant till I went to the Women’s March… Then and there I knew in every cell of my body.”

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