Polish Police Invaded the Offices of Feminist Activists After a Pro-Choice Protest

On October 2, thousands of activists marched in Poland in protest of the nation’s repressive abortion laws. The next day, Polish police invaded the offices of two feminist groups—seizing files and computers and shutting down their operations. The Women’s Rights Centre, which advocates for legal and policy changes to ensure equal rights for all genders, and […]

Taking Back Their Power and Their Country

In 2013, the Central African Republic was driven into a war. Women and girls remain the most affected—as both as targets of rape and sexual slavery as a tactic of war.

A New Study Shows How Gender Stereotypes Hurt Kids Around the World

Rigid gender stereotypes imposed on children during adolescence can foster lifelong risks of mental and physical health problems.

Universities in India Are Criminalizing Feminist Protests

Students and professors speaking out against sexual violence on campus face huge obstacles.

Chile Decriminalized (Some) Abortions—Now What?

Will other countries in Central America follow Chile’s lead?

WATCH: What Women Are Facing in the Midst of the World’s Biggest Humanitarian Crisis

An ongoing conflict in Yemen has killed 10,000 and left 16 million people—mostly women and children—without access to sanitation and clean water.

What’s Next in the Fight to End Child Marriage in Guatemala?

Guatemala has taken a huge step forward for girls, officially outlawing child marriage following years of advocacy by activists and girl leaders. But the fight doesn’t end there.

Pakistani Peacebuilder Bushra Hyder is Fighting Off Calls for Jihad as the Rohingya Crisis Heightens

As news and images of the Burmese military’s attacks on the Rohingya community spread around the world, principal and peace education pioneer Bushra Qadeem Hyder was among the first to see the impact on the students around her.

Saudi Women Will Soon Be Behind the Wheel—But They’re Still Not in the Driver’s Seat

Saudi women—who have been the only women in the world banned from driving—will have that right as of June 2018, but they remain shackled by extreme gender segregation and a guardianship system that is a form of gender apartheid.

An End to FGM

Nigeria has joined 23 African countries in banning female genital mutilation.

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