What We Have to Learn from Arkansas

Arkansas is just one of many states chipping away at abortion access. And they’ve found a strategy that has been relatively successful: start by undermining the rights of poor women and women of color first.

Turning the Tables

Proposed legislation in Texas confronted anti-abortion laws by attempting to regulate a man’s private masturbatory habits and restrict his ability to purchase Viagra.

Q&A: Lizz Winstead on the Lady Parts Justice Comedy Tour “Exposing Sexist Sh*t Heads”

Ms. caught up with Winstead while she was on the road with the Vagical Mystery Tour to talk comedy, abortion access and reproductive justice in the face of aggressive anti-choice protestors.

Not Another Abortion Movie: “Birthright” Tells the Stories of the War on Women

Birthright goes far beyond the single issue of abortion to spotlight how the anti-abortion movement is intricately connected to a vast number of other issues—and is endangering women’s lives.

Teen Rape Survivor Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Stillbirth in El Salvador

Hernandez’s case exemplifies the injustice of El Salvador’s abortion ban and serves as a call for change in the country.

This Clinic—And Its Community—Won’t Back Down

Cleveland’s only abortion providing clinic was vandalized repeatedly over a three week time span last month, resulting in a surge of support from the both the city and the reproductive justice community.

Kentucky’s Only Abortion Clinic is Up Against Hundreds of Protestors This Month

Kentucky’s only abortion clinic is once again under siege by anti-abortion extremist group Operation Save America—and feminists are fighting back.

Connecting the Dots Between Policy and Reproductive Justice for Black Women

“The time is now for Black women to use the power of our vote and our lived experiences to inform real policy change.”

Still Trapped

Even after the SCOTUS declared—one year ago this week—that the government cannot place an undue burden on a woman’s access to abortion care, laws that contradict this decision still exist across the country.

In the Wake of HB2, Abortion Access Remains Scarce in Texas

“It seems in our moment of victory after the historic Supreme Court decision last summer that reaffirmed our right to safe, legal abortion care, the state legislature has been quick to cut our celebrations short.”

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