Justice for the Women of El Salvador is Long Overdue

In El Salvador, being poor and pregnant means losing your basic rights. Now, the nation’s lawmakers are considering permitting abortion in specific situations.

Disgust, Stigma and the Politics of Abortion

Abortion is an emotionally charged issue—not just for those who oppose it. I find it disgusting that white men continue to believe that they have the knowledge, power and political capital to legislate a simple and safe medical procedure for women.

Red With Envy: A Feminist Anthropology of Republican Policy

What if the war on women boils down to a simple emotion: jealousy?

Going on the Offensive for Abortion Rights

Advocates in red states are switching gears. They’re not just pushing back against anti-choice laws—they’re proposing pro-choice legislation of their own.

Alt-Right Commentator Laughs About Rape, Disability, Cancer at Campus Appearance

The complex lives of women are no laughing matter, and neither is their suffering.

In California, Advocates are Fighting Together for Reproductive Freedom

Reproductive Freedom Week is a statewide celebration and action event centered on reproductive freedom in California.

Gorsuch Doesn’t Fit the Bill

The stakes are as high as they can be, and we are all taking note. Judge Gorsuch is not qualified to represent every American on the Supreme Court.

NEWSFLASH: Sonia Tábora, Imprisoned for Miscarriage, is Finally Free

“At last, the nightmare is over,” Tábora said as she left the courthouse in Sonsonate.

West Virginia is Now One of Seven States With One Abortion Clinic

“The promise of Roe v. Wade is in danger of becoming a myth.”

America is in a State of Crisis—and Women of Color are at War

For black women, difficulty accessing abortion services is only a fraction of the reproductive discrimination that we experience.

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