California Bill Would Protect New Parents at Work

Legislation extending protected paid family leave to smaller businesses, allowing parents to spend time caring for their new children without fearing for the security of their jobs, has cleared the state Senate in California and is now being heard by the State Assembly’s Labor Committee.

Architecting Your Life: A Response to Ivanka Trump

Trump tells us that her book is a “manual for architecting the life you want to live.” As an architect, I have some suggestions for her.

Trump Administration Corrects Equal Opportunity Employment Policy to Encompass LGBTQ Community

The Department of Commerce excluded sexual orientation and gender identity in its most recent Equal Opportunity Employment policy statement, provoking pushback from LGBT rights groups.

Uber Board Member Resigns After Making Sexist Remark

Uber board member David Bonderman resigned after receiving criticism for sexist remark aimed towards fellow board member Arriana Huffington at a staff meeting on Tuesday.

Transgender Woman Fired for Exposing Sexual Harassment at McDonalds

Just one week after La’Ray Reed called a McDonald’s corporate manager to bring attention to the extreme physical and verbal assaults that she was experiencing on the job, she was fired.

Trump’s Starvation Budget

How would Trump’s grand scheme do harm? Let us count the ways.

Missouri Should Protect—Not Punish—Victims of Workplace Harassment

If the Missouri Legislature has its way this year, it will soon be easier to discriminate against women in the state than anywhere else in the nation.

NEWSFLASH: Bill O’Reilly Ousted from Fox News for Sexual Harassment

Although O’Reilly’s dismissal marks a victory, the fight to end sexual harassment at Fox has just begun.

Trump’s “Innovative” Tax Changes Would Be More of the Same Old Sexism

Tax policy impacts women differently from men—and not in a positive way. If President Trump follows through on his self-proclaimed “innovative” changes, it could get worse.

NEWSFLASH: Advertisers and Advocates Want Fox News to Take Sexual Harassment Seriously

Fox News quietly settled sexual harassment cases against Bill O’Reilly—and now, over 30 companies have pulled ads from his show and activists are calling for his removal.

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