Why Sheryl Sandberg Is Applauding This Detergent Commercial

You might not expect the founder of the “Lean In” movement to call an ad for laundry soap one of the “most powerful videos” she’s ever seen, but that’s exactly how Sheryl Sandberg described detergent company Ariel’s new spot. It’s not hard to see why Sandberg was impressed. The ad, aimed at consumers in India, calls out […]

California Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Workers from Wage Theft

In a victory for low-wage workers victimized by unscrupulous employers, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill this week making it easier for employees to collect wages they’re owed. The measure, called the Fair Day’s Pay Act, gives the California Labor Commissioner the authority to penalize employers found guilty of wage theft, and to collect […]

Paid Leave: From Political Talking Point to Serious Election Issue

The tweet from The Washington Post said it best: “D.C. could become best place to have a baby, be sick, or have parents.” We may not all bear or raise children, but we all have parents or partners or other loved ones who occasionally need care from us, and we are all susceptible to an illness […]

It’s Not a “Mommy War”, It’s A War On Moms

There is no question that Hilary Rosen should have chosen her words more carefully when she said that Ann Romney, mother of five sons, “never worked a day in her life.” Raising children is work. It’s immensely rewarding work, but it’s work just the same. Ann Romney is justifiably proud of the work she’s done […]

After Cuts to Autistic Caretaking Programs, Women Will Pick Up Slack

As a gangly, nerdy and awkward 11-year-old, I was bad at basketball. I remember being in gym class at school, an orange ball in my hands and absolutely no idea what to do with it. My attempt to make it sail towards the hoop hovering above me, which involved throwing the ball from between my […]

Until We Reach Equality, We Won’t End “Chore Wars”

[Co-written with Helen Mederer] The latest cover story from Time magazine, “Chore Wars,” purports to “lay to rest” the notion of working women’s second shift, instructing them to “move on” from their feelings of inequity. The implication–a familiar one–is that wives should stop complaining and be more appreciative of their husbands. The article mainly focuses […]

Where’s the Women’s Opportunity?

For the last thirty years, displaced homemaker centers in New York have provided crucial computer training services, employment counseling, and other support services for nearly a quarter of a million low-income women struggling to re-enter the work force after abandonment, divorce, separation or death of a partner or spouse. As of November 1st of this year, however, all of New York state’s twenty-two displaced homemaker centers will be non-existent, thanks to massive budget cuts in the state.

W.O.M.E.N.: Why Our Progress in Management Has Stalled

A recent Government Accounting Office report found that the number of women managers increased by only 1 percent between 2000 and 2007, from 39 to 40 percent. Women’s progress into management has stalled despite their equal representation in the workforce and their majority in colleges and universities, as noted in the study. Why such a […]

Stay-At-Home-Dads On The Rise? Not So Fast…

Stay-at-home dads are all the rage in the media since this rotten economy has forced many unemployed men back in the ranks of the homestead. Judging from the plethora of Father’s Day articles celebrating stay-at-home-dads, you would think that dads across the United States are turning into Mr. Mom at an unprecedented rate. From a […]

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