How “Patriarchal Capitalism” Finances Systemic Agricultural Violence

Dr. Shiva, an internationally awarded physicist, has written a new book, “Oneness vs. The 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom” that examines the “mechanical, military mindset” that routinely wars against a living planet and its people.

“What is eco-feminism?” she asks. “It’s taking off the blinkers of patriarchal capitalism that says nature is inert and dead, that women are dumb, and recognizing that nature and women are alive and creative.”

Eco-Feminism is Intersectional Feminism

We all depend on the clean air, clean water and oxygen provided by beautiful spaces such as the Amazon rainforest. Fighting for our environment and the collective needs of Earth’s dwellers in ways that best benefits them is putting intersectional feminist social justice in action.