Today in Feminist History: Labor Unions Support the E.R.A. (September 14, 1970)

But at today’s press conference, Dorothy Haener, representing United Auto Workers, noted that laws restricting the amount of weight a woman can lift had only been enforced in regard to keeping women out of high-paying jobs, and brought no benefit to women in minimum-wage jobs such as waitresses. Not only that, domestic workers, among the country’s lowest-paid, have always been exempt from weight-limit and maximum hour restrictions.

Today in Feminist History: Pioneer Senator Margaret Chase Smith (September 13, 1948)

Though only one of ninety-six Senators, the experience she has gained in the House, and her determination to get things done should give Senator-elect Smith great influence in the Senate once she gets some seniority. At the very least, she will assure that for the next six years – and hopefully many more – the Senate will not be the “Boys’ Club” it has been since Hattie Caraway left just over three and a half years ago.