Ms. Turns 50

The magazine and the movement are needed more than ever.

“We Have Had Abortions”

Ms. launches a new petition, and 10,000-plus signers demand a return of abortion rights after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.

“Don’t Tread on Us”

We win the Readers’ Choice Award for Best News and Politics Cover from the American Society of Magazine Editors for a cover calling out anti-abortion state lawmakers.

“ERA Yes”

As it has since the beginning, Ms. follows efforts by feminists to secure women’s fundamental rights in the U.S. Constitution, celebrating Virginia becoming the 38th and final state needed to fully ratify the amendment—though the Trump administration blocks its certification.

“The Weinstein Effect”

We look for the ways the #MeToo movement and the downfall of Harvey Weinstein can lead to lasting change for women.

“Rise Up!”

Protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration, women all over the U.S. and on every continent of the globe make history with the Women’s Marches, the largest demonstration in a single day—which we cover in detail with a special issue.