Ms. Announces Grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 25, 2021

Liberty Media for Women/Ms. and its publisher, Feminist Majority Foundation, announced today a grant of $375,000 from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, to ensure Ms. is positioned to be the essential information source for feminist ideas and policy priorities as President Biden, Vice President Harris and the Congress begin to rebuild the American economy.

“Thanks to the generous support of Craig Newmark, Ms. will be a leading voice, regularly covering every aspect of policymaking through a feminist lens that few other media outlets will do,” said Katherine Spillar, Ms. executive editor. “Women have been especially impacted by the pandemic and economic fallout, many of whom are on the front lines of the public health crisis. Women are the majority of essential low-income workers, disproportionately women of color, and many are the sole providers for their families and who do not have even one day of paid sick leave. Women have suffered the highest job losses; and, women able to continue their jobs working from home have additionally carried the major responsibility for children, their care and their education with the closure of schools and child care programs. As the Biden/Harris administration and Congress address the economic and public health crises, Ms. will provide reporting and incisive analysis for centering women’s needs.”

“Additionally, Ms. will add a critical voice as the nation grapples with the horrific results of disinformation warfare and the increasing right-wing attacks on our elections and democratic institutions,” Spillar added. “Ms. will continue to report on the involvement of and links to violent anti-abortion extremists and what Ms. contributor Jackson Katz calls the ‘deep strain of white-male grievance and rage that’s been animating right-wing political culture’ in the U.S.”

“Ms. magazine exemplifies fairness, that we should treat people like we want to be treated, regardless of gender,” said Craig Newmark. “It’s also about trustworthy journalism and the preservation of American values.”

“Craig has been at the forefront of support for ethical journalism, combatting disinformation, and countering online harassment of journalists, especially women journalists,” added Spillar. “Ms. is grateful for his support and encouragement, and is proud to work with Craig Newmark Philanthropies and its network in the news ecosystem,” Spillar stated.


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