19 Women in Immigration Detention Allege “Aggressive,” “Medically Unnecessary” Surgery Without Consent

Immigrant women at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, with little to no knowledge of the medical procedure, were forced to undergo unwanted hysterectomies.

The United States has an ugly, and often hidden history of forced sterilization of immigrants, people of color, indigenous women, and anyone else seen as “unfit,” and therefore expendable, by the powers that be.

Birth Control For Men? For Real This Time?

When the birth control pill hit the U.S. market 51 years ago, the hope had been for a male method to follow close at its heels. Yet, despite decades of research and periodic hopeful headlines, progress has been largely indiscernible. But now, researchers are touting new developments.

Emergency Contraception: Back Up Your BC Today!

One year ago yesterday a district court said the FDA had “acted in bad faith and in response to political pressure” in its decision to force anyone under 17 get a prescription to purchase EC. The court ordered the FDA to look at the evidence involving age restriction again and reconsider OTC access for 17-year-olds.