Thoughts on SlutWalk from a Wheelchair

As a sexual violence prevention educator, I find hope in the grassroots activism and passion that radiates from SlutWalk. Anything that gets people talking, that breaks down the myths and reduces victim shaming, is a step in the right direction. This activism is so badly needed in a society that still justifies violent victimization according […]

Missouri Schoolgirl Is Not Alone

Last week we covered the disturbing story of a 12 year-old girl in Missouri who was allegedly forced to write a letter of apology to the classmate she said raped her on school grounds. When he raped her again (and both his own confession and physical evidence corroborated the new allegation), she was suspended. She’s […]

TSA Gets Grabby

Since the recent unveiling of the Transportation Security Administration’s “enhanced” security measures, there’s been nothing but bad press for airport security—and with good reason. Pilots and security experts have criticized the inefficiency and ineffectualness of the system. Congressman Ted Poe has called the new body scanners a violation of the Fourth Amendment. While there’s still a debate over […]

Dear Veganism Isn’t an Eating Disorder

While reading an article on, I became distracted by a sidebar entitled, “Glee‘s mysteriously shrinking Rachel.” I enjoy reading criticisms of how awful Glee is as much as the next blogger, so I clicked.  First, in the subhed, the article tries to connect Glee actor Lea Michele’s shrinking body to the quality of the […]