Taliban Escalate New Abuses Against Afghan Women and Girls

Afghanistan’s Taliban are escalating restrictions against women and girls. The Taliban are intensifying these assaults in response to women’s rights campaigns in Afghanistan and Iran, and amid their own struggle to consolidate power.

Their intensifying violations against women risk mass atrocities and may presage greater violent extremism and threats to international security. Policymakers must respond.

A Generation Left Unheard: How Teen Girls Have Lost Their Rights

In the time following the Supreme Court’s official overturn of Roe v. Wade, I have reflected on what it means to be a teenage girl in a nation that fails to respect women’s rights.

Perhaps I am naive to think that my voice might inspire progress—that, at some point in the future, our nation will respect my right to choose. For now, I only hope that everyone privileged to vote will consider my perspective. I do not want empty words of comfort. I want choice. 

A Time for Alarm about the World’s Girls

Every year on October 11 we celebrate girls for being their wonderful selves, with the right to thrive and to realize their utmost potential. Girls are our future.

Yet this year, from war zones to refugee settings to the countryside to poor urban neighborhoods, girls all over the globe are at risk.