Global News Roundup: Morocco, France, Afghanistan, DRC, Japan

This week: Moroccan women banned from Mecca; Carla Bruni called a “prostitute” who “deserves to die”; Afghanistan woman MP’s aides found dead; suspicion of poison gas attacks in Afghanistan girls’ schools confirmed; U.N. denied protection to citizens before DRC mass rape; victim toll of mass rape now at over 240; and a new program for gender […]

Global News Roundup: Congo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Israel, Kenya

This week: reports of mass rape  in Congo; poison gas at an Afghanistan girls’ school; desperate straits for Pakistani women who survived the floods; Indian women paid to delay pregnancy; Jerusalem’s gender-segregated trains; and a revolutionary constitution for Kenya. CONGO: Last Monday, the mass rape of almost 200 women in Congo was reported. The rapes were carried out systematically […]

Global News Roundup: China, Southern Europe, Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia

This week, ‘fake virgins’ are the next big thing in China; gender equality becomes an economic necessity in Southern Europe; women suffer most from Japan’s economic recession; Bangladeshi prostitutes are given much-needed recognition; and Indonesia launches a women-only train line to fight sexual harassment. CHINA: A growing number of women in China are undergoing hymenoplasty, […]

Global News Roundup: Iran, Afghanistan, Jamaica, Pakistan

This week, the Iranian woman facing stoning allegedly “confesses” on state-run TV; the Taliban executes a pregnant Afghan widow; a gay Jamaican man is granted asylum in Canada; and a maternal health hotline in Pakistan offers some questionable recommendations. IRAN: Amidst international media coverage condemning the stoning sentence of Iranian woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Iran […]

Global News Roundup: Kenya, Iran, Malaysia, Sudan, Zambia

In this week’s global round-up, Kenya gets a new, woman-friendly constitution; Iran’s Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani death sentence saga continues; Sudan punishes its gender-bending pioneers; and more! KENYA: A new era begins for Kenya as the country inaugurates its new constitution, passed more than two decades after reform was first proposed. The constitution includes some exciting […]

Global News Roundup: Bangladesh, Israel, Malaysia, Rwanda, the UN, Zimbabwe

This week, the world’s lowest-paid garment workers get a raise; Israel convicts for rape by deception; women remake Rwanda; the UN finally goes gay; and more. BANGLADESH: Globalization grows more equitable–slightly–as Bangladeshi garment workers, the lowest-paid garment workers in the world, receive an 80 percent wage increase, from about $25 to about $45 a month. 4,000 […]

Global News Roundup: Africa, England, France and the World Wide Web

AFRICA: As Drew Hinshaw reports in “No Turning Back,” his piece in the summer Ms. issue, the adoption of parliamentary gender quotas in transitioning African governments has “changed southern and eastern Africa into regions unparalleled for women politicos.” In Zambia, though, electoral processes still limit the election of women. The Zambia National Women’s Lobby Group (ZNWL) is […]