Martha Kempner on Sexuality in the U.S.: ‘This Is a Really Scary Moment for Sexuality and Sexual Agency’

Martha Kempner spoke to Ms. about her weekly newsletter ‘Sex on Wednesday’ and the current political climate in the U.S. Sex, sexuality and sexual health are her subjects—and lately, she has no shortage of material to draw from.

“We are in a really critical period right now. This is a really scary moment for sexuality and sexual agency.”

F is for Funny, Feminist, Fey

Tina Fey isn’t afraid to throw around a few F-words in her new memoir, Bossypants. She stands up for funny women, and says to those who don’t like–or believe in the existence of–women comedians, “We don’t fucking care if you like it.” Throughout, she makes clear that she views herself as a feminist and offers […]

Serious Laughs: Laura Linney in “The Big C”

In the opening scene of The Big C, a new series that premiered this week on Showtime, suburban schoolteacher and mom Cathy Jamison (played by Laura Linney) wears a bright, strained smile. It’s the people-pleasing, trying-to-be-nice smile that many women put on when they try to negotiate for what they want. In this case, Cathy […]

Sylvia Says What Nicole Hollander Can’t

Do you talk back to TV newscasters? Do you roll your eyes when yet another crazed lunatic blames feminists for the most recent natural disaster? Do you like your politics served up with a side of satire? If so, then you need to have a copy of Nicole Hollander’s new anthology, The Sylvia Chronicles: 30 […]

We Heart: The Conniving and Sinister Comic Strip

It’s tough to find feminist discourse in the cartoon world. But one blogger is injecting smart politics into humor, one Photoshop-drawn comic strip at a time. Conniving and Sinister is “The true-life adventures of feminist Liss and her homo friend Deeky,” according to the site. Cartoonist and Shakesville blogger Melissa McEwan has been neatly skewering […]

Joan Rivers: Still Opening Doors for Women Comics

Joan Rivers gives new meaning to the expression, “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” In the just-released documentary  Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work from directors Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, time is a dominant theme. Cinema verité footage of a year in the life of the groundbreaking comedian, interspersed with archival material, shows Rivers rushing […]

We Heart: Feminist Hulk

Twitter seems to reveal an endless capacity for creativity.  The Hulk, that comic book icon of exaggerated masculinity and brief sentences, is a natural fit for some Twitter satire. The Hulk has several online personas, including Drunk Hulk, Cross Dressing Hulk, and of course, The Real Hulk. Our latest favorite Twitter feed is Feminist Hulk, who’s […]