The Untold Story of the Very First “Welfare Queen”

Then-Governor of California Ronald Reagan wasn’t interested in chastising Linda Taylor for her criminal history. Instead, he leveraged her illegal collection of thousands of dollars worth of food stamps, social security benefits and veteran benefits to call for the discontinuation of social safety net programs many need to survive.

Surviving in the Shadows

You dissociate. You give your body over to your survival instinct and you tuck every other part of your being into a place that can’t be touched. This happens no matter who you are, whom you know, how much money you have—but when it’s over, poor women find ourselves not only less able to retaliate, but also less able to recover.

We’re Not Okay

After actor Evan Rachel Wood shared on Twitter that she was a survivor of intimate partner violence that eventually led to self-harm, others began telling their own truths—building an avalanche of testimony about violence that builds on the explosion of #MeToo and expands it into critical spaces.