How Black Women Legislators Are Fighting Abortion Bans and Trumpism in State Legislatures

Currently, 30 state legislatures are controlled by Republicans, and in 16 of these, Republicans hold a veto-proof supermajority. Republicans are using this unchecked power to propose and pass an incredible amount of anti-abortion legislation.

South Carolina state Sen. Mia McLeod, Ohio Rep. Erica Crawley and Kentucky Rep. Attica Scott break down the tools and steps feminists must take to fight back.

Keeping Score: “While We Have Our Eyes On the Future, History Has Its Eyes On Us”

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This week: Amanda Gorman steals the spotlight at Biden’s inauguration; female reporters speak on covering the Trump White House; women wear pearls in support of VP Kamala Harris; Roz Brewer makes history as Walgreens CEO; Press Sec. Jen Psaki promises interpreters at briefings; President Biden rejoins Paris Climate Agreement; and more!