NEWSFLASH: Biden Announces Millions to End Rape Kit Backlog

Vice President Joe Biden joined Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland Monday to announce that $41 million in funding from the federal budget will be used to test backlogged rape kits sitting in storage around the country. There are approximately 400,000 untested rape kits gathering dust in U.S. crime labs. (That’s considered a conservative estimate since police […]

Happy 19th Birthday, VAWA!

Signed into law by President Bill Clinton on September 13, 1994—after five years of hearings—the Violence Against Women Act—VAWA—marks the last year of its teens today. Drafted by former Sen. (now Vice President) Joe Biden’s office and approved with bipartisan support, it was designed to give better protection and recourse to women experiencing domestic violence […]

Speak Up About Rape? Get Expelled.

University of North Carolina (UNC) sophomore Landen Gambill may be kicked out of school for speaking to the press about her rape. Gambill was one of five women (including the former assistant dean of students) who filed a complaint against the university in January calling for an investigation into what they described as a hostile […]

VAWA Passes in the Senate

In an overwhelming 78 to 22 bipartisan vote, the Senate passed the Violence Against Women Act, a piece of legislation that has protected millions from domestic abuse and reduced the country’s rate of domestic violence. It was basically ensured the bill would pass since it had 62 cosponsors plus additional support from a few Republicans. […]

VAWA Bill Reintroduced by Senate

On Tuesday, Jan. 22 Senators Patrick Leahy and Mike Crapo introduced their new version of the Violence Against Women Act that would reauthorize the expired law and add protections for the LGBTQ community and Native American women. It also has new terms to provide audits of untested rape kits and gives law enforcement resources to […]

Reduction in Violence Shows That VAWA Is Helping

Women’s safety advocates welcome last week’s report of a steep and long-term decline in intimate-partner violence in the United States and say it’s a good reason for lawmakers to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act before the end of the year. “It doesn’t surprise me that intimate-partner violence cases have declined dramatically,” said Kim Gandy, […]