Election 2020 — Get Involved!

Voting rights are under attack across the United States. In recent years, partisan voter suppression tactics are becoming more overt and more dangerous—polling places are being shut down, voters are being forced to wait in hours long lines to cast their ballot, voter rolls are being purged with no just cause, ID laws are making it unnecessarily more difficult to register and vote, absentee ballots are being discarded… and this is just a partial list of voter suppression tactics that are used to prevent Americans from voting. And it is often people of color, people with disabilities, college students and older people who bear the brunt of these unjust tactics at the ballot box.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we expect to see these tactics—and worse—employed across the country in the coming elections.

In the most important election of our lifetimes, we must ensure that every American has the right to vote. We must each do all that we can to protect the “One Person, One Vote” fundamental of our democracy.

Now is the time to plan how you’ll make a difference and make your voice heard this fall—whether that’s by signing up to be a poll worker on Election Day, joining an election protection team, driving your friends and family to the polls or by committing to do some of the other critically important get out the vote work. Every single one of us must step up to protect our democracy in whatever ways we are able. Below, you’ll find a few resources to help you get started.

Get Involved

Register to vote and urge others to register.

In most states you can pre-register to vote at age 16 or 17. To check when you can pre-register to vote in your state, visit The Civics Center.

If you believe that you’re already registered, confirm that your voter registration is still current and at the correct address.

Become an Election Day poll worker.

An election worker is an essential component to every polling place location on Election Day. That “essential” status has taken on a new meaning in 2020—as polling locations in states throughout the nation threaten to close due to COVID-19 cases on the rise and shortages of willing workers. 

Join a voter protection program.

Election protection workers are non-partisan volunteers who provide voters with comprehensive, factual information and assistance to help overcome any obstacles that arise throughout the voting process.

Depending on the legal expertise of a volunteer, election protection volunteers can provide voter information, document problems at the polls and work to identify and remove barriers to voting on Election Day.

Stay Informed

Subscribe to the Ms. Newsletter.

Listen and subscribe to the Ms. podcast, “On the Issues” with Michele Goodwin.

Keep in touch with Girls Learn International.

Stay up-to-date on The Civics Center’s work.

Host a screening of the documentary, Capturing the Flag.