A celebration of Ms.—the most startling, most audacious, most norm-breaking of the magazine’s groundbreaking pieces on women, men, politics (sexual and otherwise), marriage, family, education, work, motherhood and reproductive rights, as well as the best of the magazine’s fiction, poetry, and letters. • Featuring Toni Morrison, Billie Jean King, Alison Bechdel, Brittney Cooper, Joy Harjo and Audre Lorde, among many others.

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50 Years of Ms.

50 Years of Ms.

The Best of the Pathfinding Magazine That Ignited a Revolution




Sep 19, 2023ISBN9780593321577

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Since its earliest days, Ms. has been a brazen act of independence, demonstrating the untapped potential for journalism that centers news and analysis on women and their lives. The magazine’s new book, 50 YEARS OF Ms., showcases it all, decade by decade, as well as behind-the-scenes photographs that reveal and reflect the changes set in motion by Ms.—and, of course, the iconic covers that galvanized readers.

It is a stunning collection: 500-plus pages filled with the best of the magazine’s features and award-winning fiction and poetry. Naturally, no Ms. anthology would be complete without highlights from the thousands of letters to the editors that poured in over the years from women and men, girls and boys, from across the country and around the globe.

As it proudly features some of the most revolutionary writers and thinkers of the past half century, the book is as much a reflection on the era as it is a road map for the path forward.

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  • “An illustrated guide to toppling the patriarchy … 50 Years of Ms. recounts how the magazine upended norms, disrupted the print world, and made trouble.” The New York Times Read More
  • “Spillar, the executive editor of Ms. magazine, takes a lively and inspiring look at the pioneering feminist periodical. … This thorough survey makes a persuasive case for the magazine’s continued importance.” Publishers Weekly Read More
  • “This thoughtfully curated and zestful celebration of the first 50 years of Ms. would be fascinating under any circumstances, but given the renewed assaults on women’s rights it’s all the more compelling.” Booklist (Starred) Read More
  • “Verdict: A timely and thought-provoking collection of feminist essays, which shows how far society has come and how much work is left to do to obtain true gender equality.” Library Journal Read More
  • “The book, including pieces by Steinem, Barbara Ehrenreich, Alice Walker, Audre Lorde and other heavyweights, provides an essential look back while making an impassioned case for the critical role of feminist writing going forward.” Bookpage Read More
  • “The book is empowering because that's what Ms. has always been about. Helping women to seize the power we have and to use it, to act collectively, to realize that together we can make change happen, even if it takes 50 years.” Newsmax Read More
  • 50 Years of Ms. on CBS Sunday Show

    Gloria Steinem was a 30-something columnist for New York magazine when she helped found a new publication aimed at pushing feminism into the mainstream. Correspondent Rita Braver talks with Steinem about the origin of Ms., and with executive editor Katherine Spillar, who has spent two-and-a-half years compiling the new anthology.

Full of practical guidance and thoughtful insight, today Ms. remains an indispensable resource for navigating the challenges of the 21st century.

Nancy Pelosi

Ms.—in 1972— normalized being a woman, abortion and all. And here we are, 50 years later, needing that now more than ever.

Sarah Silverman

Gloria Steinem and Ms. magazine changed the course of history for modern women, period.

Whoopi Goldberg

For five decades, this groundbreaking publication has been at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights. Now … the work that Ms. magazine has pioneered is more important than ever.

President Joe Biden

Ms. is just as important in today’s world, as feminist leadership is needed to create a just international society.

Dolores Huerta

I can’t imagine our lives without Ms. magazine, that most radical, heart-wise, irreverent, outrageous and odd magazine!

Alice Walker

I look forward to the next fifty years of Ms. Together, let’s keep elevating women’s voices and ideas. Onward!

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The arrival of 50 Years of Ms. comes at the right moment in history and will serve as both a reminder of what we are capable of and a blueprint for how we continue the fight for women’s equality.

Soledad O'Brien

The magazine’s bold, boundary-breaking reporting has motivated me, infuriated me and inspired me. And now this one extraordinary book—50 Years of Ms.—captures it all.

Jane Fonda

50 Years of Ms. is a must-read for all feminists.

Loretta Ross

I’ve been a reader of Ms. for many years and am forever grateful for the ways it shaped my activism. 50 Years of Ms. is truly a national treasure.

Alyssa Milano

Who would have thought that today we would need Ms. more than we ever needed it before?

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

Finding Ms. and Ms.-minded women as the women’s movement came of age helped me find my way.

Julia Alvarez

Ms. magazine has played a monumental role in building the women’s movement over the past fifty years. It’s more than a publication—it’s an urgently needed call to action.

Patricia Arquette

Ms. has been dogged in starting and continuing conversations our country needs to have about gender equality. I’m grateful.

Rep. Katie Porter

Ms. has never been afraid to put the real issues—and dreams— of women first.”

House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark