Ms. Magazine – Vol XVI, No 1 / 2006 Winter


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Ms.’s Winter 06 issue features Can Women Stop the War in Iraq? Ms. examines the leading women at the forefront of the anti-war movement and looks back at the women who led the peace movements of the 20th century. Plus two women’s studies professors tell how they teach peace. The cover story features an exclusive interview with arguably the most famous anti-Vietnam War activist, Jane Fonda. Fonda talks with Ms. global editor Robin Morgan about the most impolite dinner-conversation subjects – sex, politics, and religion. And there’s much more: Anita Hill on Why Harriet Miers Mattered; a Special Report and Photo Essay on Afghan women running for office and voting in Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections; Five Ways a Woman’s Heart Differs from a Man’s; and new Money Editor Martha Burk takes on Wal-Mart.