Intern with Ms.

Since its founding in 1971, Ms. has been reporting and truth-telling from the front lines of the fight for women’s equality, both in the U.S. and globally. Ms. covers a range of issues, including women’s and girls’ legal, political and social rights; gender-based violence; racial justice; environmental justice; health; LGBTQ equality; media representation; women’s history and more—all through a feminist lens.

For the remainder of 2020, Ms.’s internship program will be conducted remotely. Because of this, Ms. can accept applicants from any time zone or location, including from outside the U.S.

Ms. interns and fellows will gain experience in digital and print magazine writing, editing, marketing, advertising, researching and other areas of publication—not to mention new feminist perspectives.

Editorial and Social Media Internships

The Ms. internship is designed to provide real-word feminist journalism experience to aspiring writers, social media managers, activists and changemakers.  

As such, Ms. interns will perform tasks to assist Ms. in both its editorial and social media production. This means working closely with editors on print magazine and digital content production—including writing, editing and fact-checking for Ms. online; assisting in social media coordination and content creation; production, marketing and research assistance for the Ms. podcast “On the Issues” with Michele Goodwin; aiding in the production of upcoming issues of the print magazine; assisting Ms. scholars and professors who plan to use Ms. content in their classrooms; and working with our sister organization, Feminist Majority Foundation, on activist and organizing campaigns.

This is a great, hands-on opportunity to learn how non-profit, feminist journalism operates; make connections in the feminist news space; learn how to leverage social media to create social change; gain insight into how social media shapes digital publishing; build a portfolio as a writer; and grow your own social media bonafides.

Internships are unpaid, but we do offer paid administrative work opportunities—with full-time interns eligible to work up to 25 percent of their hours at $15/hour on an as-needed basis. Internships can be conducted on a part-time or full-time basis.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but typically operate within semester-long time periods: spring, ranging from January to June; summer, ranging from June to August; and fall, ranging from August to December. 

To apply, e-mail with the following:

  • A cover letter and resume. Please include a GPA on your resume and/or attach an official or unofficial transcript.
  • Two references and/or letters of recommendation. Letters may be submitted separately to the same email address.
  • At least two journalistic/non-academic writing samples. Writing samples should not exceed 2,000 words. 
  • Links to your social media portfolio. Send us pages you’ve managed or contributed to, including personal accounts. 
  • Three pitches you feel would be a good fit for Ms.
  • Three social media suggestions for Ms. These could include a new idea or advice on improving something we already do on social media.

Research Fellowships

A limited number of research fellowships are available during the fall of 2020. Research Fellows will work closely with our research editor as the primary fact-checkers for each edition of Ms. in print. This is a great opportunity to acquire national magazine experience, learn marketable skills in journalism research and gain confidence in interviewing prominent sources.

Research fellows will be required to attend a half-day orientation and complete an editorial test as part of the application process. They must commit to at least two issues of the quarterly magazine—eight to 10 hours per week for five weeks per issue, in three-month intervals. They are expected to strictly adhere to deadlines, respond quickly to questions and feedback, and independently connect with sources and writers to complete assignments. Ideal candidates will have a clear passion for feminism and a background in journalism or nonfiction writing and be self-motivated critical thinkers and sticklers for detail. 

Research fellows will be paid $500 per issue.

To apply, email with the following:

  • A cover letter and resume. Please include a GPA on your resume or attach a transcript. In your cover letter, please detail your fact-checking and research experience in detail.
  • Two references and / or letters of recommendation. Letters may be submitted separately to the same email address. References should be able to speak to your research experience.

Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Applicants with backgrounds in both journalism and feminist activism will be given priority.