Weekend Reading on Representation: Whose Job is it to Homeschool? How Many Editors are Men? Will We Ever Have a Woman President?

Despite the arrival of spring this week, it feels as though winter may still be coming—at least in the northern hemisphere. News about the spread of the coronavirus—and the mixed reactions to it—have understandably dominated the headlines. Amidst the cacophony of coverage, there have been a number of stories about the impact of the virus […]

Pro-Choice Candidates Like Marie Newman, Others Prove Reproductive Health is a Winning Issue at the Polls

While the coronavirus crisis has prompted states to postpone primaries and thrown into question how voting will proceed in the coming months, primary results so far suggest that pro-choice candidates are in a strong position to increase their numbers in the House come November. Protecting the House pro-choice majority is critical to women’s rights, regardless of the outcome in the senate and presidential elections.

Democrats and Republicans Focus on Different Priorities While Battling Over Coronavirus Stimulus Package

In an attempt to soften the damage the coronavirus is inflicting on the economy, Rep. Maxine Waters, Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, released plans for a Phase Three coronavirus legislative package with comprehensive fiscal stimulus and public policy recommendations. But while Democrats prioritize assistance to people being hurt by job losses and layoffs, Republicans in the Senate seem more focused on corporate tax cuts.

Weekend Reading on Women’s Representation: Jacinda Ardern’s “Next Big Test,” The Feminist Case for Ranked Choice Voting and More

Weekend Reading on Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation in politics, on boards, in sports and entertainment, in judicial offices and in the private sector in the U.S. and around the world—with a little gardening and goodwill mixed in for refreshment!

Congressional Candidate Christy Smith Provides a Masterclass in Campaigning While Female

On Super Tuesday, Smith earned a first-place finish. But to win, she’ll have to prevail in two elections over the next eight months. National Democrats are looking at the May special election as a bellwether for 2020. Do Democrats have what it takes to hold the House majority? With Trump on the ballot, can the women of the 2018 wave survive their first test as swing district incumbents in what will be the most polarized election in a generation?