Women’s Representation: Why Are State Legislatures Still So White and Male?

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: an interview with Zoraya Hightower, the first woman of color on the Burlington, Vt., City Council; new Biden Cabinet nominees confirmed; why state legislatures are still largely white and male; progress toward diversifying all-male boards; and will Rep. Terri Sewell (D-Ala.) become the third Black woman in the Senate?

The Fab Five: Shattering L.A. County’s Glass Ceiling

Asked when there would be enough women on the U.S. Supreme Court, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously replied: “When there are nine.”

It seems the voters of Los Angeles agree: The L.A. County Board of Supervisors—the largest local government in the nation—has made history with the first all-women board in its more than 150-year history.