The Ms. Q&A: Actor-Activist Vanessa Marano on Shifting the Trafficking Narrative to Survivors

Conversations around sex trafficking experienced a resurgence following the investigation and indictment of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. However, the renewed spotlight on sex trafficking also helped popularize a plethora of unsupported conspiracy theories—leaving survivors in the shadows as powerful people continue to contort the narrative.

#TaylorIsFree: Taylor Swift Takes Back What’s Hers

Taylor Swift knows what her words are worth—and she’s about to show us. By re-recording her music, she is reclaiming not only her work, but also her stories, memories and words.

Swift re-recording her masters is not only huge news for Swifties excited for updated versions of their favorite songs, but also a feminist victory for Swift and all female musicians.

Fashion and Feminism Converge in a New Exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum

“Made It: The Women Who Revolutionized Fashion,” a new exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts, explores 250 years of fashion through 79 female designers—innovators, entrepreneurs and activists who fostered social and political change as women won more equity and freedom in the world.

The exhibit open in-person Nov. 21, 2020, with virtual events for remote visitors.

Keeping Score: Getting Feminists Back in the White House

In this week’s Keeping Score: a record-breaking number of women elected to state and federal office; Dr. Jill Biden will be the only first lady to simultaneously hold a paid job; Lucille Bridges passes, years after escorting her daughter to integrate an all-white school; Joe Biden champions access to universal childcare and preschool; Harry Styles makes history in a ballgown on the cover of Vogue; New Mexico will send three women of color as its House delegation in 2021; and more.