Time’s (Still) Up: Rewriting Our Film History

The conversation around film history today still revolves around predominantly male and white producers, directors and more. Even in 2020, the American Film Institute’s list of 100 Greatest American Films of All Time has not one female director.

In order to widen the conversation in the future, we must amend how we look at the past. The time is up—and for many of us, it has been up for quite a while.

¡Berta Vive!: The Life and Death of Berta Cáceres, Fearless Indigenous Leader

Nina Lakhani’s “Who Killed Berta Cáceres?” digs into the thick layers of the corrupt, colonial, imperialist, racist and misogynistic systems that contributed to the death of this beloved Honduran Lenca leader, cofounder of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras and the 2015 winner of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

Poetry for the Moment: Healing, Resistance and Possibility

As protests against police violence have bloomed across the country, many have turned to sharing art, and poetry in particular, as a source of comfort and inspiration. In a time when the news can be a source of pain and violence, poetry can be a source of healing and joy. Here are some poems that deal with relevant themes during this revolutionary moment: healing, resistance and possibility.