Writing for Ms.

Ms. is a multi-issue and globally-focused media outlet interested in a plethora of topics—from policy and politics to popular culture and the arts, from education to the environment, from violence to abortion. 

We consider reported pieces, features and social commentary rooted in an intersectional feminist lens. We do not consider articles on fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, food or of a “self-help” variety.

Writers interested in pitching us should reference our recent content, in print and online, to familiarize themselves with our voice and approach.

Pitches and Submissions

We consider pitches as well as completed submissions.

All queries should clearly state the author’s expertise on an issue and their qualifications to cover it. When submitting pitches or completed works, please also include two or three previously published clips and a 1-3 sentence author bio.

Pitches should include a detailed description of what a completed article will look and sound like, and an expectation of when it could be ready for review. Submissions of completed work should be prefaced with a short summary of the topic and approach.

If your query intrigues us, we will contact you. Because of the volume of pitches and submissions we receive, we may not be able to respond to your query.


Have a story you think would be a good fit for Ms. in print? Send it to chahn@msmagazine.com. Rates vary by assignment.


A nonprofit feminist media organization, Ms. strives to provide a hub where experts can present findings, highlight problems and propose solutions to the public and to one another. As such, digital submissions are typically unpaid. Have an idea or op-ed you think would be a good fit for MsMagazine.com? Send it to rszal@msmagazine.com.

Submissions received will be considered by our print or digital teams based on our editorial needs at the time. Please do not follow up on pitches and submissions via telephone.