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One in 5 Americans have come out to attend a rally or protest or march in the past two years. And their top reason for protesting? Women’s rights.

We’ve marched, starting from the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, when 5.6 million of us joined the largest collective demonstration in world history. Interestingly, some 19 percent of those who’ve joined rallies since Trump’s inauguration were first-time marchers. Big companies, too, are feeling more political these days, whether they want to or not. Twitter users called for a boycott of the much-loved In-N-Out Burger chain for its financial support for the Republican Party. And according to Vox Media, “Nike’s decision to feature [Colin] Kaepernick in its campaign is part of a larger trend: Since the 2016 US presidential election, brands—once terrified of controversy—are more and more likely to enter the realm of politics. There’s never been a more popular time to be a brand with an opinion.”

Ms. is a history-making brand with a clear mission.

For 45 years, Ms. magazine has been uncovering and exposing the forces opposed to women’s equality. The magazine has been celebrating women’s progress here and around the world, and spreading feminist ideas and activism.

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Ms. was the first consumer magazine to be printed on recycled paper and continues to be dedicated to green-printing practices.

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Launched in 1972 by Gloria Steinem, Ms. continues to be the most recognized feminist publication in the nation. Today, the magazine is
published quarterly by the Feminist Majority Foundation with a circulation of 65,000 and a readership of 160,000 women and men. Its appeal reaches across age, race, income and other demographic factors.

The magazine is distributed to subscribers and available through newsstands, bookstores, libraries, at feminist conferences and events across the country and through women’s studies and political science classes—reaching activists as well as opinion leaders in the media and politics, civic and academic circles.

According to a 2016 election poll by Lake Research Partners, 59 percent of women identify as feminists, as do 33 percent of men, signaling strong interest in the feminist movement and the work of Ms. And we offer a digital version of Ms. with the introduction of a tablet and mobile device app.

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Ms. readers are well-educated, well-read, socially concerned activists
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Ms. has established a loyal audience of both veteran Ms. readers and a new generation of feminists with our award-winning website. News stories and essays are posted online daily; over the past 12 months, Ms. had 4.3 million page views (and continues to grow).

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