Weekend Reading on Representation: “Make Caregiving a Presidential Priority,” Says Melinda Gates

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: Melinda Gates calls on Biden to “make caregiving a presidential priority”; the Massachusetts legislature stuck at 25 percent female; Shenna Bellows becomes Maine’s first woman secretary of state; Japan considers gender quota law to up women’s representation; discussing diversity in the Biden-Harris administration; and more.

How COVID-19 is Devastating Women’s Studies Programs Across the U.S.

It is clear the pandemic has bolstered support for a neoliberal framework for higher education, where certain forms of labor go unrecognized and the financial bottom line takes precedence over all else. It is also clear the most affected entities in this crisis are, unsurprisingly, gender and women’s studies, ethnic studies, Latinx studies, Asian American studies, African American studies and Indigenous studies programs.

Expert Voices: Redressing Gender Imbalances, One Panel (or “Manel”) at a Time

The energy sector in Mexico is known for its gender imbalance. While women are underrepresented in board of directors in all sectors, the energy sector is worse, with only 3% female participation.

In order to support women’s advancement to the upper echelons of the industry, a group of prominent women in the sector have formed an advocacy organization called Voz Experta. The organization aims to advocate for its members to balance out expert panels composed only of men, or “manels.”