‘Child Care Is Essential Act’ Provides Needed Relief to Parents and Care Workers

The Child Care is Essential Act would create a $50 billion Child Care Stabilization Fund to help child care centers remain open and operating through the pandemic, as well attempt to repair the nation’s broken child care system for the 21.5 million workers with a child under the age of six. Providing funding for child care would help to alleviate unemployment inequalities that disproportionately affect women of color. To enable moms return to the workforce, child care centers must be given the necessary funding to remain afloat.

Republicans Propose Sweeping Corporate Immunity for Making Employees Sick

In factories and warehouses, from grocery and retail stores to transportation and delivery companies, many employers across the country have demonstrated a willingness to put their employees’ health and lives at risk to make a profit. And corporate allies in Congress and state houses across the country are introducing bills to immunize corporations from liability for the resulting harm to employees and communities.