Equal Pay Day Is in March—But Equal Earnings Day Is Not Until October

Once you factor in other forms of earnings (such as health insurance, retirement account contributions, bonuses, and self-employment income), men actually earn 75 percent more than women—meaning that women on average earn only 57 cents on a man’s dollar. If Equal Pay Day was based on a more comprehensive measure of the earnings gap, the day would fall much later in the year—more like October.

Weekend Reading on Representation: Whose Job is it to Homeschool? How Many Editors are Men? Will We Ever Have a Woman President?

Despite the arrival of spring this week, it feels as though winter may still be coming—at least in the northern hemisphere. News about the spread of the coronavirus—and the mixed reactions to it—have understandably dominated the headlines. Amidst the cacophony of coverage, there have been a number of stories about the impact of the virus […]

What’s the Cure for Coronavirus? Cash.

We are facing an unprecedented health crisis, and will soon be in the midst of a full-fledged economic catastrophe. We must learn from the mistakes of our past and ensure the most vulnerable Americans are able to weather the uncharted waters ahead. There is simply no more direct and effective way to do so than providing immediate cash relief to those who need it most.

In Response to Coronavirus, National Domestic Workers Alliance Launches Care Fund to Raise $4 Million for Domestic Workers

Domestic workers are being forced to navigate this crisis alone and without a safety net. Donations to the Coronavirus Care Fund will provide emergency assistance to nannies, house cleaners and home care workers who need help right now, giving them the stability they need to stay home and be a part of the solution to this crisis.