A Memoir Of Family, Caregiving and Redemption: “Some Things Can Be Deleted, Just Often Not The Memory”

Deborah J. Cohan’s ‘Welcome to Wherever We Are: A Memoir of Family, Caregiving, and Redemption’ shows the complexities of unconditional love.

“My dad’s erratic meanness … was all mixed up with his erratic kindness. The erratic nature of it all actually became predictable—predictable erraticness, erratic predictability. … my dad’s behavior was all too often so impossible that I questioned her loyalty and why she stayed; I never really understood them together. Now at 49, I understand it better, through the prism of my own love for my dad, my own loyalty to him, even amid all that went on.”

American Families Plan Prioritizing Women and Workers Meets Resistance from GOP—Despite Bipartisan Support

The American Families Plan (AFP), introduced by President Biden on April 28, seeks to provide aid to American families, reduce child poverty, invest in teachers and education, ensure comprehensive paid family leave and subsidize child care. Despite the fact that 60 percent of U.S. voters support the AFP, so far, the plan has been met with resistance from Republican lawmakers.

Mom Can Answer All 30 of These Questions. Can Dad?

On Father’s Day, Joshua Ziesel, a clinical psychologist, wrote an essay about how women traditionally take on more mental labor than men. I welcome Ziesel to the next step of being the intellectually engaged and equally involved parent he strives to be.

Here are 30 questions that the average American mother will either immediately know the answer or know where the answer is.

The Mandalorian’s Lessons on Paid Leave for Men

Whether it was passing up on beers with his team to clean up Baby Yoda vomit, struggling to find “child care” for Baby Yoda before embarking on especially dangerous bounty hunts, or—well—the entire show’s plotline hinging on the Mandalorian’s natural desire to take care of “the child” and protect it, our hero unapologetically shows how badass it is to be a caregiver.