Uneasy Lies the Head of the Black Mom

“After he’s received a graduate degree, married and had children of his own—even then I will worry, because his Blackness will not have faded. … When the downstairs door finally opens and the hushed steps to his room recede down the hallway, I take my first deep breath of the night. Relieved, that at least on this night, my son’s name will not be preceded by a hashtag.”

Black Mothers Are Still Fighting For Their Murdered Children

Black mothers of those killed as a result of police brutality and racially motivated gun violence are making positive change in the wake of their children’s deaths.

“When George Floyd called his mama,” said Diallo, “all of the mothers were summoned to push forward and make things happen. Our strength, our strength is to really push forward the change we need because we’re not going to give up.”

New Playbooks Help Parents Approach Sex Ed From Home

In the U.S., 29 states require abstinence be stressed in sex ed programs, and only nine require they be LGBTQ inclusive. Many curriculums leave out consent entirely.

The Bloom Homeschooling Playbooks aim to help parents start age-appropriate conversations with their kids about consent, relationships, sexuality and gender identity.

My Daughter’s Abandoned Prom Dress

“All the chaos and upheaval, the illness and death, the exploding unemployment and the imploding economy bring out my fiercest maternal instincts. Letting our children go is hard enough in normal circumstances. Launching them into their futures in the middle of a global pandemic feels impossible.”