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3. June Medical and the Future of U.S. Abortion Rights

In June Medical v. Russo, the Supreme Court struck down a challenge to abortion rights in Louisiana, a state in which reproductive health care access is already fraught. The law would have required all doctors performing abortions to obtain hospital admitting privileges. Even though this case has put such challenges to rest, lawmakers in Louisiana have effectively undercut women’s access to reproductive healthcare, causing clinic closures and more.  As our guests make clear, Roe is not enough.   
However, it’s not just abortion rights or pregnancy at stake, with regard to women’s health.  Reproductive justice matters, and bringing that lens into these conversations is urgent. The rise in criminalization of pregnant women for failing to comport to the state’s standards for behavior during pregnancy is alarming.  Women have been threatened with arrest for refusing C-sections, falling down steps and attempting suicide during pregnancy.  Where does this end?  What should we be concerned about?  What’s the future of Americans being able to exercise control their own reproductive futures, given the aggressive attacks at the state and federal levels?  We close considering how organizations, doctors, lawyers and activists are fighting back.

2. Rebuilding America from the Ground Up

On today’s show, we focus on rebuilding America from the ground up.   What will it take?  What issues should we be concerned about, which are not making the news?  For example, despite what appear to be recent triumphs at the Supreme Court with regard to LGBTQ equality, reproductive rights and DACA, many argue those victories are thin and fragile. Beyond that, as we know, underlying challenges persist, including pay inequality between men and women; Americans living beneath the poverty line without a living wage; lack of access to affordable health care; and a warming planet.  Most painfully, our democracy is at stake—clearly evidenced by voter suppression.

1. Policing in America: A Tale of Race, Sex and Violence

On today’s inaugural show, we focus on policing in America, examining race, sex and violence.  We specifically take up women and policing, elevating the stories and experiences of women—a perspective often absent from mainstream conversation.  Even in recent weeks, as the nation has erupted in protests related to the tragic murder of George Floyd, some might argue that the killing of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, an emergency medical technician in Louisville, Ky., was an afterthought, even though her death too was no less inhumane, violent and preventable.