9. Beyond Marriage: The Fight for LGBTQ Rights

Background Reading: “The Ms. Q&A: Chase Strangio on SCOTUS and the State of Trans Rights,” Oliver Haug, Ms., October 3, 2020. “The magic of T. Mychael,” Julie Kendrick, Minnesota Good Age, June 28, 2019. “The Trans Future I Never Dreamed Of,” Chase Strangio, The Atlantic, June 24, 2020. “Amy Coney Barrett Has Ties To an […]

Bonus Episode: Equality is on the Ballot

Background Reading: “Reports of the ERA’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated” [series], Carrie Baker, Ms. Magazine “Do Women Still Need the Equal Rights Amendment? Yes. Here’s Why,” Genie Harrison, Ms. Magazine, March 17, 2020. WATCH: “Dr. Julie Suk on the Future of the Equal Rights Amendment,” Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed.TV, March 10, 2020. Take Action: Early […]

8. Trump Stacked the Courts. Now What?

Background Reading: “Merrick Garland, Amy Coney Barrett, and the ‘Two-Faced,’ ‘Duplicitous’ Republican Senators,” Carrie Baker, Ms. Magazine, October 2, 2020. “The Supreme Court hasn’t been this conservative since the 1930s,” Joan Biskupic, CNN, September 26, 2020. “I Thought I Understood the American Right. Trump Proved Me Wrong.” Rick Perlstein, The New York Times Magazine, April […]

Bonus Episode: Can the President Suspend the Elections?

Background Reading: LISTEN: “Episode 175: The President Has No Authority to Delay This Podcast,” The National Security Law Podcast, July 30, 2020. “We must save the USPS to preserve democracy,” Mikie Sherrill, Daily Record, August 18, 2020. “Delays Expected in Election Results as More Voters Opt for Mail-in Ballots,” Oliver Haug, Ms. Magazine, September 22 […]

7. The Ms. Back to School Special

Background Reading: “Women are in a terrible new bind,” Fatima Goss Graves and Katherine Clark, CNN, August 12 2020. “‘Back to school’ like never before,” Randi Weingarten, AFT Voices, September 20, 2020. “There is No Plan For Opening Schools. Parents Must Fend For Themselves,” Michelle Kinder, Ms., July 17, 2020. “Endangered in a Pandemic: The […]

6. Has The U.S. Forgotten Its Immigrant Roots?

Background Reading: “Trump Introduces New Sponsorship Rules as Part of “Insidious Campaign” to Halt Immigration,” Mary Giavagnoli, Ms., May 6, 2020. “Supreme Court Upholds DACA, Defending a Generation of American Success Stories,” Marielena Hincapié, Ms., June 18, 2020. “The Meaning of DACA,” Kevin R. Johnson, Michael A. Olivas and Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, ImmigrationProf Blog, June 1, 2020. […]

1. Policing in America: A Tale of Race, Sex and Violence

Background Reading: Our Policing Problem is Also a Diversity Problem, Ms. Gender Parity in Policing is Part of the Fight to End Domestic Violence, Ms. The U.S. Needs Sweeping Police Reform. Start by Hiring More Women., Ms. Police Leaders Speak Out: “Women in Law Enforcement Must Have a Seat at the Table”, Ms. Transcript: Michele […]