On Christianity and Donald Trump

What progressive Christians and conservative, but not fundamentalist, evangelicals find outrageous in Trump’s behavior actually works to his advantage with white Christian fundamentalists, because his world views align with theirs—all in support of a white patriarchal theocracy.

Seetal’s Seva: Feminism Through Service

The Guru Granth Sahib says in Sikh scripture: “None may exist without a woman.” That’s a nice goal—but gender equality, Seetal Ahluwalia says, “is not where it could be or should be.” That’s why she created Young Khalsa Girls when she was just 10 years old.

From Sexism to Sex Abuse in Southern Baptist Churches

I grew up Southern Baptist. I hold degrees from a Southern Baptist seminary. I taught at a Southern Baptist college. And I left the Southern Baptist Convention nearly 25 years ago because of their misogyny, anti-feminism and homophobia—but now, with headlines emerging about widespread abuse in the church, I feel compelled to offer an insider/outsider perspective.