We Need Leaders Like My Grandmother to Protect Doctors Like Me

When COVID-19 became a pandemic, I thought Americans would surely recognize and embrace the importance of science and public health. As a physician on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, I now see how misinformation and mistrust are instead exacerbating the crisis and putting healthcare workers like me at risk.

Now more than ever, I wish we had leaders like my grandmother, who knew that trustworthiness was the bedrock of leadership.

The U.S. Must Not Abandon Afghanistan

The hardworking, brave Afghans who continue to strive for peace are in constant danger due to the Taliban’s war of attrition and the Afghan government’s inability to protect its citizens. This is the reality on the ground and the flame will only become larger if there is a premature withdrawal.

Afghans understand that our young democracy is worth fighting for and we need the support of our friends and allies to stand with us—not to abandon us in this critical time of our history.

SCOTUS Abortion Pill Decision: Sotomayor Takes Up Mantle of Dissent, Following in RBG’s Footsteps

On Tuesday, in its first decision on abortion since Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, the Supreme Court opted to reverse an order that allowed medication abortion-receivers to forego an in-person doctor’s visit in light of the pandemic.

“The FDA’s policy imposes an unnecessary, unjustifiable, irrational and undue burden on women seeking an abortion during the current pandemic,” wrote Justice Sotomayor in dissent.

Women’s Representation: U.S. Political Dysfunction Is Due To an Antiquated Voting System. It’s Time for Electoral Reform

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: Biden’s new Cabinet will be majority people of color and gender-balanced; the dysfunction in our politics is caused by our antiquated voting system; the impact of the ranked-choice voting on Lisa Murkowski’s political future; the failure of our democratic institutions and the solutions to be found in electoral reform; the U.K. and Malta get closer to gender parity in Parliament; addressing women’s inequality in Russia; women’s representation in the entertainment sector; and more.

“An Incredible Breach of Planning and Response”: Feminists Discuss the Insurrection at the Capitol

What does the Jan. 6 riot and insurrection at the U.S. Capitol signify for our nation? How and why could this have happened? Will the president be impeached? How are feminists and frontline activists supposed to process all this?

To begin to answer these questions and make sense of these unprecedented times, Dr. Michele Goodwin, journalist Jennifer Steinhauer and psychologist Patricia Jones Blessman led listeners this week in a frank, honest conversation, where they lay out the facts against the president and the domestic terrorism performed in his name.