Women’s Representation Roundup: More Women Are Running for Office Than Ever Before

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: More women have filed to run for office than ever before; the gender balance rules used by the Republican and Democratic parties; what can business leaders do to promote gender equality?; the impact of gender quota rules in Nepal, Colombia and Rwanda; women have become the fastest-growing incarcerated population; a bot helps register new voters; and more.

Weekly Pulse: Pandemic Updates and the Potential for Positivity

For The Weekly Pulse, we’ve scoured the most trusted journalistic sources—and, of course, our Twitter feeds—to bring you this week’s most important news stories related to health and wellness.

In this edition: Pandemic updates as Trump’s unseemly politicking continues, what you should know about wildfires and the air, the repro rundown, and glimmer of hope with pandemic positivity.

2020’s Top IPOs Snub Women, Particularly BIPOC Women

There are some worrisome trends in play when it comes to the representation of women, and particularly women of color, among the newest class of corporate America.

And these disturbing trends pose more than an abstract threat to the moral rectitude of advancing the equality of the sexes: A lack of gender and racial diversity at the top tier has demonstrable negative impacts on a company’s bottom line and ability to innovate.

What’s at Stake: Access to Abortion

The right to reproductive choice and medical privacy is the single biggest issue at stake for women’s lives and health in the 2020 election and beyond. It is not only relevant to young women who may be faced with the abortion decision, but to all women who value their autonomy and privacy.