17-Year-Old in Iran Murdered by Husband and Cousin for Fleeing Domestic Violence

Mona Heydari was forced to marry her cousin as a 12-year-old and birthed his child at 14. At 17, after fleeing the country and attempting to escape the abusive marriage, her life was ended by her husband.

Honor killings involving young women in Iran have become an all too common occurrence over the last two years, with a long list of victims. The lasting oppressive patriarchal and misogynistic ideologies prominent in law enforcement, government and Iranian society has allowed the killing of young women to become a crime without punishment.

In a World Increasingly Defined By Crises, We Need Women’s Leadership Like Never Before

Three trends characterized women’s leadership in the pandemic response: effective leadership, rapid response and socially inclusive policies.

In a future being shaped increasingly by climate change, the collapse of liberal democracies, growing inequality, pandemics and now a war in Eastern Europe, what’s needed more than ever are leaders with empathy backed up by serious attention to the needs of the most vulnerable—ones that can bring people together, in solidarity, during times of hardship and craft a set of socially inclusive policies that capture the complex and myriad impacts of crises.  We need not just more women, including diverse women leaders at the top but also more male leaders embracing the qualities that women leaders have exemplified throughout the pandemic. Nothing less than our future depends on it. 

Pro-War Rhetoric Around Ukraine Perpetuates the Patriarchy and Plays Right Into Putin’s Hands

Watching cable news coverage of the tragic events in Ukraine, I hear again and again how brave the Ukrainian men who are staying to fight are. But we should be very careful about who we worship because fetishizing the masculinist and militarist response of war will hurt women and LGBTQ people for decades to come.

Putin is a madman, but his regime depends on these century-old notions of binary gender and “normal” sexuality. The way the U.S. mainstream media is covering the illegal invasion of Ukraine is doing similar cultural work.

Achieving Gender Equity Depends on Boys, And How We Raise Them

When boys and men can see the necessary roles they play in standing up for equality, they will be engaged contributors in creating a world where all people are free to pursue their full potential. 

Indeed, when we ask young boys about their definition of what it means to be a man, the responses are nearly always positive—caring, respectful, stands up for others. This tells us that our work to engage boys in society’s collective goal of healthy manhood is in large part about helping boys be the authentic, connected humans they want to be.

Vladimir Putin, Right-Wing American Masculinity and the Russian Attack on Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, masterminded and led by Putin, is an act of premeditated military aggression and mass violence. One critical element of the story—especially as it concerns the role of the U.S. in this debacle—continues to lurk just beneath the surface of mainstream political analysis: the ways in which white male identity politics has helped to shape the American right’s confused and sometimes counterintuitive responses to the Russian attack.

TikTok Bans Misogyny, Misgendering and Deadnaming Trans Users, and the Promotion of Conversion Therapy

TikTok, a platform with over 1 billion monthly users, is taking new steps to protect LGBTQ and women users from harassment and hate speech. The most recent update of its Community Guidelines bans any content found to contain misogyny, as well as the misgendering and deadnaming of transgender creators. Released Tuesday, the new guidelines also clarified any content promoting or supporting so-called conversion therapy would also be a violation of the rules, along with content that promotes disordered eating.

I’m 18 and I’m Afraid: The Looming Threat of On-Campus Sexual Assault

Social media has allowed students attending universities across the U.S. to connect and share stories of harassment and sexual assault on campus—increasing awareness, protecting their peers and motivating universities to take action.

Students discuss how they want to see their school take action and how to dismantle the pervasive campus culture which condones predatory actions.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Empire Was Built on the Abuse of Women

Hugh Hefner eventually became the darling of high society and the media. But it wasn’t luxury, sensuality or independence that Hefner was selling. He was only ever hawking old-fashioned misogyny. Now, we have irrefutable proof that Hefner’s empire was built on the horrific abuse of women.

A new documentary series on A&E, Secrets of Playboy, shows what feminists always knew: Hugh Hefner was a vile misogynist. 

White Masculinity and the January 6 Insurrection

While it is critically necessary to analyze the racial politics of January 6, this focus too often has the effect of rendering invisible another key aspect of that tragic event: the role of gender. The vast majority of insurrectionists were not only white people; they were white men.

Men—many of whom are conditioned from childhood to see themselves primarily as protectors and defenders—are the ones who respond most eagerly to pleas for them to help rescue their country, through violent means if necessary.