How New York’s Ranked-Choice Voting Fared—and Where We Go From Here: Weekend Reading on Women’s Representation

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: NYC’s ranked-choice voting election saw the highest turnout since 1989; how women are faring in the NYC city council race; top companies for gender parity; strategies for women incumbents to retain their seats; India Walton may become the first woman mayor of Buffalo; and more!

The Overhaul of Title IX Must Be Trauma-Informed and Inclusive of All Survivors

Earlier this month, I testified at the Department of Education’s hearings to re-examine Title IX. But as a thriving survivor of campus sexual assault and coercion, child sexual misconduct, and organizational trauma, I was jarred and disappointed by the process of testifying. As the administration works to overhaul Title IX, we want results that are trauma-informed—and the process to get there should be as well.

“Unbearable”: Women in Sexual Health Research Remain Vulnerable to Sexual Harassment

“My research soon became an extracurricular activity. Men would take it over and over again to not only harass me but any ideology that was not white and heterosexual. It made me realize how much space men take up, even in empty text boxes asking them, begging them, to return to their own worlds. … We tend to forget not only the emotional labor we cast on young women, but the lack of protection female-identifying researchers at the undergraduate level possess.”