Ms. Magazine – Vol XXI, No 4 / 2011 Fall


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In the Fall issue:

– Jobs, Jobs, Jobs-Ms. looks at how Obama’s jobs plan will put women back to work.
– All Guts, No Glory—Women soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan routinely fight—and die—in combat zones. Yet the U.S. military won’t acknowledge their service because of the official ban on women in combat. Could this injustice be about to change?
– Fashion and Feminism—A feminist scholar and prominent fashion blogger shows how the ordinary and intimate act of dressing has very real political and economic consequences.
– Reducing Afghan Maternal Mortality—In Afghanistan, women face a threat far deadlier than bombs or bullets—maternal mortality. But the situation there is improving. Gayle Lemmon reports on-the-ground on the against-all-odds success of Afghan schools for midwives.
– Birth Control for Men—For real this time? We report the latest developments in the half-century quest for male contraception.