It’s Feminist-Tweets-to-Follow Friday!

If you’re a feminist, you may already follow some of the following women online, but some may be new to you, and you might not be familiar with their Twitter feed. Twitter can be hard to navigate, and all tweets aren’t created equal, so we’ve done some culling for you. In no particular order, some of our favorite feminists to follow:

Smart Girls At the Party: Amy Poehler’s witty web series, Smart Girls at the Party–featuring girls who excel at science, writing and other academic subjects–is back for another season. Her Twitter updates you on the girls “who are changing the world by being themselves”as well as offering other feel-good feminist stories.

Amanda Marcotte:  The sometimes controversial blogge (whose Tweet is above) behind Pandagon is an avid tweeter, posting progressive and feminist stories from around the web at an impressive pace. If you can keep up with her, she’ll keep you informed.

Funny Women: A regular feature on the web magazine The Rumpus, Funny Women is one of the few places online you can find good comedy writing by women. Past stories include a humorous look at the stereotype of women’s need to apologize, and a sendup of American Girls Dolls.  Their Twitter feed points you to new stories by some very funny ladies.

Mac McClelland: A human rights reporter for Mother Jones magazine, McClelland happened to be in Louisiana when oil seeped onto its shores. Since then, McClellan has been sneaking behind areas cordoned off from the public by BP and reporting on the environmental devastation.  Her tweets are irreverent, but she’s always heartbreakingly informative.

Feminist Hulk: Okay, so you probably already know about Feminist Hulk from Ms. Blogger Audrey Bilger’s interview.  But there really is nothing funnier than an ALL CAPS tweet about smashing the patriarchy.

Amanda Hess: Better known as “The Sexist,” Hess covers sex and gender for the Washington City Paper. Her blend of oddball humor and meaty critiques makes her Twitter feed, like her blog, thoughtful and incisive.

Jenny Holzer: It’s unconfirmed if this is the actual feed of conceptual artist Jenny Holzer, who stunned the artworld with her feminist truisms displayed on large LED screens in cities throughout the world. Nonetheless, seeing Holzerisms in your Twitter feed will make you think and maybe even laugh.

Sady Doyle:  Editor-in-chief of Tiger Beatdown, Doyle’s tweeting is a lot like her blog: a little bit of overshare mixed with a lot of cursing. Doyle does what many feminist are afraid to do, constantly examining herself and her beliefs, which takes feminism to a very personal place.

Pam Spaulding:  The blogger behind Pam’s House Blend, Spaulding sends out tweets chocked full of information on LGBT advocacy and exposing homophobia. Spaulding doesn’t spare anyone—be it the media or politicians.

Women’s Media Center:  The WMC, which works to ensure that women’s voices are represented in the media, constanly updates stories that impact women on their Twitter feed. Plus, every Wednesday WMC holds a #sheparty from 3 to 6 p.m. (EST), during which you can engage with other feminists on Twitter.

Holly Kearl: For almost a decade, Kearl has focused on the perennial problem of street harassment and the effects that it has on women.  Her Twitter feed is dedicated to expanding that work.

Jessica Valenti: The founder of Feministing, Valenti keeps you in the know about what major news media outlets are or aren’t saying about feminism.

Ms. Magazine: No explanation needed.


Stassa Edwards is a very tired new mom. Follow her on Twitter @stasssaedwards.