War Torn

  I believe that the things we don’t express will kill us. Kill us as a country, kill us as people. Paula Vogel   Walking the streets of Philadelphia is […]

Binders Full of Women and People-of-Color Playwrights

Given the astonishing range of theater being made by women and people of color all over the country, the reluctance of major theaters to walk the walk they talk is increasingly at odds with the reality of American theater as a whole. Yet somehow, the argument is still being made that there just aren’t plays out there by women and people of color that are ready to be produced in the big time.

Women’s Bodies in Oscar-Nominated Films

One of the Oscars’ main gender problems is the Academy Award for Best Picture. Most films are produced by teams of both men and women, making segregation in that category impossible. And yet, the Best Picture category is where we can see the clearest evidence of the Academy’s preference for male-driven films.