Bonus Episode of “On The Issues with Michele Goodwin” Explores Toxic Masculinity, Misogyny and the So-Called ‘Men’s Rights Movement’


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A special bonus episode—titled Toxic Masculinity—is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and

In this new episode, Michele Goodwin and her expert guests tackle toxic masculinity and the deadly violence perpetrated by some in the so-called “men’s rights movement.” Dr. Goodwin is joined by Jill Filipovic, lawyer and author of the forthcoming book, OK BOOMER, LET’S TALK: How My Generation Got Left Behind; Saida Grundy, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology, African American studies and women’s and gender studies at Boston University; and internationally acclaimed expert on preventing gender violence, Jackson Katz, Ph.D.

The episode was prompted by the recent brutal murder of the 20-year-old son of New Jersey federal judge Esther Salas, the first Latina appointed to be a federal judge in the state, by an anti-feminist, men’s rights activist and attorney whose case challenging the U.S. government’s male-only military draft registration system was pending in Salas’s court. Judge Salas’s husband was critically wounded in the attack.

The murderer was known for his racist and misogynist rants against women, whom he called “feminazis.” He also threatened that, “Feminists should be careful in their meddling with nature. There are 300 million firearms in this country, and most of them are owned by guys.”

Their conversation covered a wide range of topics; you can find a full transcript here, as well as a few excerpts below:

“When you’re used to being a member of a dominant class and having the world cater to you… having the halls of power filled with people who look like you, who share your experiences, who share your views—when that starts to change, when we start to approach something that looks a little bit more like equality, that can feel like a loss for people who have had unquestioned dominance.” —Jill Filipovic, author of the forthcoming book, “OK BOOMER, LET’S TALK: How My Generation Got Left Behind”

“Violence is the language, the native tongue of American white masculinity… it’s how this country was founded. It’s what they did to establish this country’s economy, which is a slavocracy.” —Saida Grundy, Ph.D., feminist sociologist of race & ethnicity and professor at Boston University

“We need more men—and more white men—who are willing to engage in this conversation.” —Jackson Katz, Ph.D., internationally acclaimed educator, author and scholar-activist on issues of gender, race, and violence

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