10 Reasons to be Thankful for Birth Control

Tuesday Nov. 10 marked Thank You, Birth Control Day, and social media users celebrated by using the hashtag #ThxBirthControl to share the reasons why they’re grateful for the Pill, IUDs, contraceptive injections, condoms and more.

We asked Ms. readers to share their stories of gratitude—take a look below for 10 reasons our readers are thankful for their birth control!

“I’m thankful for my birth control because it has regulated my menstrual cycles and have made them barely noticeable! Also, I don’t want children so it helps prevent unwanted pregnancies.” — Kaicee Willis

“I’m thankful to my Mirena coil. I finally have my endometriosis and adenomyosis under control. Even with these conditions I’m very fertile and had two unplanned pregnancies while on the minipill, one ended in miscarriage and the other gifted me with my daughter after three sons, so I’m happy my husband also got a vasectomy.” — Melinda Scott

“I got on the birth control pill (I refuse to get the shot) to help with the stupid cramps. I hate feeling like I’m being stabbed repeatedly with knives, so I figured I’d try the birth control out!” — Sarah Anne Cherry

“I’m thankful for my IUD. Sex is awesome when you know you’re not getting pregnant.” — Gala Monjes

“I’m an assigned-female-at-birth agender person and periods have always given me dysphoria. Thanks to the Implanon, they’ve stopped and I feel more like ‘myself.'” — Galen S. Racer

“I had a pregnancy scare when I had a 2-month-old baby. Another one on the way at that time would have been devastating. I ran right out to Planned Parenthood and got on birth control. #ThxBirthControl for giving me the freedom to enjoy one child at a time, as well as a loving partner.” — Rachel Hunt

“I’m on the pill so that my cramps will stop messing with a back injury.” — Stacey Soltoff

“I use the Pill for my PCOS and endometriosis. It’s helped a number of my symptoms, and I can’t imagine anyone taking it away.” — Jennifer Sombutmai

“Prior to becoming sexually active, the Pill helped me when I had prolonged periods that made me borderline anemic.” — Lilly Holstein

“The right birth control pill relieved my PMDD and crippling cramps.” — Laura Jean Evans

Why are you thankful for your birth control? Tell us in the comments!

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