To Protect Afghan Girls, the Biden Administration Must Take Real Action: “No More Empty Promises”

Taliban nostalgia threatens 20 years of progress for Afghan girls. The lives, aspirations and rights of girls are not just getting lost in the mix—they are actively being squashed.

How the U.S. responds will be a true test of whether the Biden administration’s stated commitment to gender equality applies in practice and beyond rhetoric. We don’t need another speech or more photo opportunities. We have enough promises. What we need is for President Biden to galvanize real action. Afghan girls deserve nothing less.

The Texas Ban and the Migration Injustice

“Abortion migration” is when pregnant people travel long distances and cross internal and national borders to access abortion care. While the news out of Texas is extraordinarily alarming, both Texas women and pregnant people across the globe have long been traveling to places like Albuquerque to legally terminate pregnancies. Various forms of state and state-sanctioned power combine to coerce our movement in ways that threaten our dignity and equal standing.

Why I Refuse to Feel Hopeless About the Texas Abortion Case

I refuse to feel hopeless about the fact that Texas has, for now, successfully banned abortion in that state. Already, the Department of Justice has sued Texas over its restrictive new abortion law, saying the state legislature enacted the statute “in open defiance of the Constitution.”

I do not predict another civil war, but I do know there will be a reckoning. Sometimes a loss opens the door to something better in the future. Before then, though, there will be enormous suffering. But, as we have seen before, no prohibition and no amount of pain or fear will ever stop a movement for fundamental human rights.

The Weekly Pulse: CDC Urges Vaccines During Pregnancy as Delta Surges; U.N.’s Reality Check on Climate Crisis

For The Weekly Pulse (a revisit of an old Ms. column!), we’ve scoured the most trusted journalistic sources—and, of course, our Twitter feeds—to bring you this week’s most important news stories related to health and wellness.

In this edition: The U.S. Senate passes a $1 trillion infrastructure bill in rare showing of bipartisanship; in a new U.N. climate report, climate scientists say there are known measures we can take to protect the world, but we must be brave enough to act; Senate subcommittee passes the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act; CDC issues new vaccine guidance for pregnant people; and active-duty service members and teachers may face a vaccine mandate. 

Catholic Hospital Denies Woman a Medically Necessary Sterilization, Putting Her Health and Well-Being at Risk: “It’s Wrong and It’s Dangerous”

Ascension Providence Hospital in Southfield, Mich., denied a pregnant woman a sterilization procedure recommended by her doctor. The hospital is part of a Catholic hospital system that does not allow sterilization procedures.  

“The field of medicine is not dictated by religious doctrine. It’s dictated by science.”