Watch Out Sarah Palin–You May Get “Foxified”

Even though I wasn’t a supporter of Sarah Palin, she was recently hired at Fox News, and I feel I need to warn her. After all, she’s a brunette who often wears glasses–a breed targeted for extinction in Foxworld.

There’s something creepy going on at Fox News, and it’s not just the skewed way they choose to report the news. When a woman gets a job on the “fair and balanced” news network, she gets “Foxified.” No matter how she looks or how old she is when she signs her contract, these female contributors transform, appearing on our screens strangely clone-like, blonde and so heavily made up they all look around 40.

Greta Van Susteren famously made the cover of People after she scored her own show on the network and got “Foxified,” sporting much lighter hair and tighter skin.

When I used to produce talk radio programs for the ABC affiliate in the Bay Area, and the host had a legal issue he wanted to discuss, I often booked a brilliant and beautiful law professor as an expert: Lis Weihl. After 9/11, she was hired by Fox News. The next time I saw her on TV, I only recognized her by her name in the byline.

Fox News is a modern day Stepford factory for accomplished women. By turning professors and authors into porn star doppelgangers, the network effectively communicates what women say is not as important how they appear.

The older, winkled, balding male stars of the news channel obviously have different physical requirements to get a job on TV. Maybe Palin earns some of those privileges, because she’s already famous with her own loyal following. We’ll have to wait and see if her hair and glasses survive Fox News President Roger Ailes, himself not the most svelte, glossy headed guy in town.

Update: I’m not attacking these women for getting jobs; I’m pointing out the sexist requirements for men versus women on TV. Furthermore, being “Foxified” doesn’t translate to being attractive or beautiful. As a commenter pointed out, it has to do with becoming a “femmebot.” The blonde dye jobs and overly made up faces on Fox News women are indicative of a culture dominated by Caucasians and capitalism, keeping women in line and rewarding them when they conform to the rules, upholding the power structure as is–often a reflexive but still clever way to keep women in their place.

ABOVE: Fox News correspondents post-Fox-ification. Can you tell them apart? Image courtesy of


  1. awesome post. i’m thoroughly disgusted.

  2. PioneerGrrrl says:

    Yes, I am actually going to give them and Sarah doubt here. Whether I like either one (and I don’t) even Fox has to admit that Palin has BIG NAME CLOUT prior to hooking up with them.

    I’ve not previously heard of Lis Weihl.

    But I previously knew Palin had been the Republican VP nominee–and so will other people, even those not immediately political, or again, supportive of her politics.

    So I think Palin’s clout and the ‘right’ kind of politics ontop of that are going to blunt a make over with her.

  3. ilyse kazar says:

    “Greta Van Susteren famously made the cover of People after she scored her own show on the network and got “Foxified,” sporting much lighter hair and tighter skin.” Greta went much farther than that! There have been several rounds of surgery to be sure. Check out this montage

  4. Such a great post! I’ll be sad to see Palin go blonde only because Tina Fey will also have to go blonde….

  5. Noelle,

    Hilarious. They should do a SNL skit where Tina Fey gets Foxified. Someone get this to Tina.


  6. Kscha2017 says:

    So looking 40 is something to be ashamed of or offended by?

  7. kscha,

    There is nothing wrong with being 40! My point is the Fox women all look the same weird ageless- age, whether they are in their twenties or 47 as Greta Van Susteren is on the People Cover because of their heavy clone make up.

    Please check out my SNL skit, inspired by a commentator on this blog. It’s on my blog ReelGirl.


  8. Hmm… I dunno. I think this might be making something out of something very small. They aren’t all blonde, and they aren’t all Caucasian. I don’t disagree that some have gone through changes to enhance their aesthetic appearance, but it does make sense in a way. I mean these people are bringing you news and not everyone finds news interesting, and prettier people theoretically means more viewers. And I don’t believe they don’t do anything to the men, either. Interesting, though.

    However I did find this..
    This just sucks.

  9. maggie Miller says:

    Well we already knew that Fox News was evil. This really only proves it further.

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